Woodcut Artists Mary Azarian Prints Carvings Notecards and Books

Mary Azarian Prints

Mary Azarian is a Caldecott Medal winner who has been recognized for her outstanding illustrations for picture books. People who enjoy the paintings of woodcut artists will find the video below enjoyable. It features this artist at work.

Mary Azarian Prints- Woodcut artist at work

Mary Azarian Prints – Heart Of Winter

Woodcut artists like Mary Azarian have been highly regarded for centuries for their ability to use supple natural materials such as birch to create beautiful prints.  This intricate process has been used for limited edition prints such as Heart Of Winter, which is rendered in color.

Mary Azarian Prints -Woodcut Notecards

 Mary Azarian Prints, Heart Of Winter, Woodcut Artists Mary Azarian Carvings Notecards and Books

Woodcut Artists Mary Azarian Carvings Notecards and Books
Example of woodcut printmaking https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e5/Knights_1527_woodcut.jpg

Heart Of Winter is produced on acid free coverstock by Mary Azarian. Mary Azarian is a woodcut printmaker who offers carvings, notecards and books which reveal the beauty in ordinary things. There are less than 75 editions of each of her works. She retires the blocks for each painting once the edition is sold out.

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