Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl- Friendly Relief for Stress

Some cat people wonder if a whisker fatigue cat bowl could really make a difference to their pet. Whisker fatigue amounts to stress that your cat experiences when its whiskers are being stimulated all the time. That happens when they eat daily from a bowl that has high sides. Your cat can experience anything from mere annoyance to actual pain every time they eat from bowls like that.


Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl- Friendly Relief for Stress

Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowl- Friendly Relief for Stress


Cat and dog whiskers are designed to pick up changes in the environment. Whiskers are highly sensitive and this makes them an asset to both species. Domesticated cats are just as likely to benefits from  the enhanced ability their whiskers give them to steer in the dark as a lion would in the wild.

Whisker fatigue symptoms include a hungry cat leaving food in their bowl. Cat’s that find their bowl painful or annoying to eat from may also try to solve the problem by pulling the food out themselves in order to eat on the floor. Your cat’s whiskers work hard all the time and it is important to keep them healthy.

As cats grow older, they need as much help as they can get with navigating, even in familiar environments. Making sure their whiskers are not under stress helps with all of that. While whiskers look attractive, they are not just there to look nice.

Each whisker fatigue cat bowl like those in the the Pet Fusion elevated feeder is designed especially for cats. It keeps these extremely sensitive sensory aids from being put under excessive stress on a daily basis. If you suspect that your dog may be suffering from whisker fatigue, a bowl like this can help them to be more comfortable while they eat.

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