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I love show the Walking Dead, and all my friends do too.  We love it so much that I think I will be buying some WD items for folks for Christmas.  So I decided to go on a hunt for some really cool Walking Dead stuff that would make great Christmas gifts.  I was surprised at the sheer number of items out there from the show, there were literally hundreds and hundreds of different things!  It was clear I had my work cut out for me in choosing only the most awesome merchandise….and that is what I have done.  It is below, so I hope you like my picks!

I think that hats make a really great gift, because everyone wears one sometime!  Baseball caps, knitted hats, sheriff hats and more!



The next Walking Dead item that I really liked were the mouse pads. I would love to have one of these at my desk, any fan would. I hope someone gets me one of these for Christmas, but that is true of any of this stuff!


Next on my picks were the coffee cups and glasses. I don’t know about you, but I drink a lot of coffee when watching the Walking Dead. I don’t want to miss a minute! One of these mugs or even a set of glasses would be the perfect gift for a WD fan that loves coffee or tea. Also makes a great gift for co-workers to use at work!


My next pick for gifts for Walking Dead fans would have to be games. Not electronic games, but board games. Well, not all are board games, I have also chosen a card game, and a few others, but all of them are fun and in the spirit of The Walking Dead. These games would make a great addition to a viewing party!


When I saw these, I thought to myself they were a great idea for a gift. I love to snuggle on the couch with a soft pillow and blanket and watch TV. What better blanket than one featuring your favorite television show? This also make a great extra cover for your bed, or a soft cover in a reading chair. Makes such a perfect gift!


One of the best gifts for any Walking Dead fan is, of course, a t shirt! There are so many to choose from I simply could not put them all here. These four are my favorites, but you can use the search bar to find others you may prefer. Just add your favorite characters name to the search and see all the shirts that feature your favorite!


Last but certainly not least, the ultimate gift for any Walking Dead fan would be the series itself, with a poster, or the original comics. These are items that any fan would love and would also give them exactly what they need for binge viewing……alone or with others!


I hope you have liked my choices for the very best in gifts for Walking Dead fans, and it help you in your shopping for holiday gifts this year!


Happy Holidays!


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