Usual Cat Litter Stopped Clumping

Has your usual cat litter stopped clumping? It’s not likely a product change. You might assume the manufacturer changed to an inferior clay, but the problem is more common than you might think. If the cat litter quit hardening, it’s not an issue with the kitty’s urine either. Just about any liquid will form a hard mass in finely ground clay. Consider the following reasons why your scoopable litter quit working, and find the solution. Otherwise, you might as well go back to using the regular kind. It’s far more expensive in the long run. You’re better off solving the problem in other ways.

Non-Stick Cat Litter Box Surfaces Eventually Wear Off

Most people don’t realize that quality cat litter pans have non-stick surfaces. No, they’re not Teflon, but they’re designed to prevent sticking. If they weren’t, clumps of kitty litter would stick to the sides. You’d have to scrape them off. Guess what? When you have to start using the scoop as s scraper, it’s time for a new box. It’s not a buy-it-once-and-forget-it sort of thing. You will likely have to buy a few cat litter boxes in your kitty’s lifetime. Not only do they eventually lose their non-stick surface, but they also begin to stink. After the surface wears down, the plastic absorbs odor. Even a clean cat litter box stinks when it’s time for a new one.

Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Boxes are Fantastic

Visit your local discount store for a new cat pan and you’ll only have a couple of options. They aren’t usually high-quality either. Go to a pet shop and you’ll pay through the nose. You’ll find the best prices and the greatest selection online. Nature’s Miracle Cat Litter Boxes are fantastic. They’re roomy, non-stick, and top-quality cat pans. Nature’s Miracle makes some of the most effective odor and stain removers, and their pet products are just as great.

Maybe It’s Time for a Scooper Change Too

If your usual cat litter stopped clumping, consider the scoop. Are you using a scooper for clumping cat litter? If you bought it at a grocery store or discount store, it’s probably not designed for the scoopable kind. Most have tines that are way too far apart. When the clumps crumble in the slightest the mess falls back into the box. You’re better off searching for a scooper for clumping cat litter. The tines are closer together, and they’re typically sturdier since they have to hold more. The problem could be caused by a number of factors.

What if the Cat Stops Using the Litter Pan?

The problem isn’t always that your usual cat litter stopped clumping. Clumps will fall apart if you try to remove them before they have a chance to harden. In other cases, the cat simply stops using the box, but the reasons go beyond a litter pan problem. Cats are naturally clean animals, and they avoid strong scents as a means to prevent predator detection. That’s why cats constantly clean themselves.

Has Your Usual Cat Litter Stopped Clumping or is it Something Else?

If the cat stopped using the litter pan, it may not have anything to do with the cleanliness of the box. Kitties with UTIs will start urinating elsewhere in an attempt to avoid the pain they associate with the litterbox. Take him or her to the vet for a urinalysis and exam. With a new litter pan, new Cat Attracting Litter, and an antibiotic to cure an infection, they will go back to using the pan. Keep it as clean as possible, and follow the advice of your veterinarian.

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