Unusual Small Fish Tanks

Unusual Fish Tank

Fish Tanks Like You Have Never Seen!


Unusual small fish bowls or tanks make beautiful accent pieces for home or office. There are so many different kinds! Some hang on the wall, some have planters on top, and some a all clear glass, and just luminously beautiful. Since they are small, you can put them in unexpected places, and surprise people! Live fish give an room a natural beauty and they also make a gorgeous night light. Not only a great night light in the bedroom, but they also provide a relaxing atmosphere and are wonderful to watch and actually help you fall asleep.


AquaClock Wall Aquarium, BlackFish Bubbles Brushed Aluminum Fish Bubble – Deluxe Wall Mounted Fish TankAussie Aquariums Wall Mounted Aquarium – Mini WhiteFish Bubble Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish BowlWall Hanging Mount Bubble Aquarium Bowl Fish Tank AquariumAussie Aquariums Wall Mounted Aquarium – Porthole SilverAussie Aquariums Wall Mounted Aquarium – Verticali SilverAquaVista Wall-Mounted Aquarium Coral Reef Background with Libra Frame



Fish Tanks as Home Decor

These small fish bowls are a couple of my favorites! They would be beautiful on your coffee table, or on a book shelf. It would also be lovely on a desk, or credenza. If you know someone that loves animals, this would be a lovely gift. Children are especially fond of this bowl. Due to the small capacity of the bowl, they are especially good for betta fish.


Betta Art Decorative Turtle BowlBetta Treasures – Sea Horses 1 Gallon


Art Deco and Retro Fish Tanks

If you like really unusual looking fish bowls, you will love these! We have modulars, suspended bowl and even on that looks like a gumball machine! Kids will love these!


Umbra Fish Hotel – WhiteAqua Culture 1.5-gal LED Fish Tank Resort Ideal for BettasCharming Clear Glass Hanging Fish Tank Bowl Aquarium Terrarium GlobeBigMouth Inc The Classic Gumball Machine Fishbowl


Tanks in Different Shapes

The round and the square of it!  These unusual fish tanks make a beautiful statement in home or office!  Small enough to fit almost anywhere, they give the room life and provide a relaxing atmosphere.

quarium with LED Light, Silver, 4 GallonsSolo 5G Desktop LED Light


More Unusual Fish Tanks

These small tanks make a great gift for anyone from kids to a co-worker who needs to liven up their desk!

Creative Co-Op Dolomite Vintage Reproduction of Cat with Glass Fish BowlAqueon Kit Betta FallsBack to the Roots Water GardenTetra 29008 Waterfall Globe Aquarium


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