Tooth Fairy Dolls

tooth fairy dolls

Tooth Fairy Dolls for your little girl!

A Tooth Fairy Doll is a Treasured Gift

A tooth fairy doll makes an appreciated gift to a little girl losing her first tooth, or to a collector. These are beautiful dolls!

Some are made to be set apart and protected. Others are meant to be cuddled and played with. All are lovely and their beauty will be admired through the years.

I don’t remember owning a tooth fairy doll as a child, but I know I would have loved any of these beautiful treasures. My daughter had a number of little fairy dollies that she loved and played with for several years. Now and then I will run across one and cannot bear to get rid of it, since it reminds me of those special years when she was losing her teeth.

What memories will you and your child make with a special tooth fairy doll?

Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Doll

Plus, door hanger and Fancy Nancy Book!

Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Plush Pillow w/ Tooth Fairy Book Set (Tooth Fairy Doll Fancy Nancy)Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Plush Pillow w/ Tooth Fairy Book Set (Tooth Fairy Doll Fancy Nancy)

This special bundle includes, not only a tooth fairy doll, but also a door hanger (to remind the tooth fairy to do her job… very handy for busy tooth fairies who sometimes forget) and a Fancy Nancy book. The book is Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth, an I Can Read level one book.

Your child’s new friend has a pocket in her dress so the tooth does not get lost. It can be reused for future lost teeth.

This is a delightful gift for a little girl about to lose her first tooth!

Musical Tooth Fairy Doll

This little beauty is a great choice for any little girl who loves music! Not only is she beautiful, but her head sways to her soothing lullaby! She is a very special new friend who will guard your child’s tooth in her little purse.

 Musical Doll, Tooth Fairy


Tooth Fairy Barbie

Barbie lovers have their choice of beautiful tooth fairy dolls! Some of these have already become collectors’ items! There is a limited availability on some of these dolls, as many of them are no longer in production. Click on the photo to see if your favorite one is still in stock!

 Barbie Tooth Fairy Tooth Fairy Barbie Doll Special Edition Tooth Fairy Barbie Doll

Madame Alexander Tooth Fairy Dolls

When I was a child, my parents would give me a very special Madame Alexander doll for Christmas and birthdays. Fifty years later, I still have them! These are not toys to be played with, but special friends who sit around and look pretty. Through having the responsibility of these collector’s items, I learned lessons in taking care of things. My Madame Alexander dolls sat on the mantle of my bedroom and announced to every visitor that I was the kind of mature and responsible girl who could take care of nice things. I was very proud of my dolls, took good care of them, and still have them all these years later!

 Tooth Fairy By Madame Alexader #30660 Madame Alexander Tooth Fairy Fashion Doll by Madame Alexander Madame Alexander Tooth Fairy #103912 Madame Alexander Doll 201169 Tooth Fairy Cissette 10″


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