Tomlyn Natural Hairball Remedy- Laxatone for Cats Side Effects

Tomlyn natural hairball remedy works as a laxative for cats. It contains laxatone for cats, which is quite effective at making cats pass uncomfortable hairballs. Several cat people want to know what the laxatone for cats side effects may be before they give their senior cat this hairball control remedy.



A hairball control remedy such as Laxatone is good because it works along with your cat’s natural digestive process. Natural hairball remedies for cats are designed to work quickly without causing any inconvenience to the person or the cat. It does not contain petroleum. Laxatone has no reported side effects.


Tomlyn Natural hairball remedy- laxatone for cats side effects

Tomlyn Natural hairball remedy- laxatone for cats side effects


Having a hairball paste of some kind handy is important if you have several cats in your home. Most cats tend to get hairballs from time to time as a result of grooming themselves. All healthy cats will groom themselves. If your cat is not grooming himself or herself regularly that may be a sign that something is wrong. They may be ill or in pain.

Your cat’s digestive system will typically allow the hairball to be passed out. However, sometimes cats end up trying to vomit a hairball out. This is when a natural treatment such as Tomlyn hairball remedy will make them comfortable. Since Laxatone has no known side effects it is a better alternative than any petroleum based hairball remedy out there.

Tomlyn hairball remedy is gentle so your cat will not make a mess. You can put a little bit on their paws. It has a chicken flavor so your cat will lick it. You can also get it in a catnip flavor and a tuna flavor. Once you give this to your cats regularly, they will vomit less.

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