Swimming Pool Inflatable Chairs and Lounges for Adults

Adults love to relax in a pool and it is easier with the right floating mat or chair. luxstorm / Pixabay

Whether you like to spend time swimming in a pool or a nearby lake, adults often enjoy their time more when they can relax on an inflatable mat, chair or lounge.  If you enjoy floating down a river, even inner tubes can be a lot of fun!

When our children were growing up, we used to take them to the lake and race around in our ski boat. We even had a large inner tube that we pulled behind our boat once in a while. The kids loved it and often preferred it to getting up on skis!  Afterwards, it was nice to just pull out our floating mats and lounges and relax on the lake, just bobbing in the water.

We also had a pool in our backyard and frequently had neighbors over.  We could actually have a floating cocktail party when the kids were not in the pool!  Many of our floating chairs had drink holders and most of our friends loved spending a relaxing evening after a hot summer day, by floating around our pool in our lounge chairs.

I found that some people preferred to have their feet dangling in the water, while others wanted to stay above the water. I always tried to keep a variety of float designs on hand.

Below are a variety of my favorite floating lounge chairs from Amazon.  They are perfect for a relaxing day on the water! If you are spending time on a lake, I especially recommend the floating chairs and lounges that are made of durable nylon.

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