Surprise him with special “promise rings for him”

Promise rings signify a promise made to a special someone as a show of their love, friendship, faith, and commitment to a special beloved. Now, it is a popular practice for the woman to receive a one of a kind ring from the special man in their life. But how about turning the tables and gifting a ring to the man in your life? Sounds different, unique and special? Yes, promise rings for him do exist. And there is an endless variety that is available to make one spoilt for choice. Let us look into the various styles that are available to help one choose the perfect ring for the men in their lives.

Gold promise rings for him

Engraved promise rings for him
This ring can be engraved in style when being chosen as a gift. One could engrave the special someone’s name, or a special date or even a small special message in the ring to be gifted. This gives the ring a specialized look and touch, especially customized for the receiver. This engraving style also makes the ring one of a kind to be possessed and worth showing off.

Gold promise rings for him
It is said that gold is one of the most precious metals. And a promise rings made between two people is considered sacred between them too. Hence what better than gifting a ring made of gold to that special someone in one’s life? A gold ring for him comes in a variety of budgets and styles and hence one has the chance to choose from many different styles and costs. So gift your man a gold ring to show that your promise too, is worth of ‘gold’ and give that priceless dear touch to your promise and faith to reinstill that love shared and kept.

Black promise rings for him
Black diamonds are quite a rare find and are considered invariably valuable. They are a rare find and hence carry a huge extravaganza with them – per se cost, look and overall value. Hence black diamond rings are a unique choice in these rings. But in spite of their extravaganza, they are comparatively more affordable than other coloured diamonds and hence are not really out of one’s budget completely.

Promise ring for him and her sets
Love involves two people. And hence these rings in sets are in huge demand. A specialized or customized set for you and your loved one is a beautiful choice of gift and also one that stands personalized for you two only. These ring sets come in all varieties of costs and styles and hence couples can choose from many at hand. These sets can also be customized with the names of both or a special tag decided by the couple themselves. This set is a beautiful token of love to remind one of the other special person, no matter how far or near.

Matching promise rings for him and her
Matching rings for him and her are a reminder of the special love and bond that brings the couple together and matches them. These are usually two look alike rings that both the people in love wear. They might also be a shape broken in halves that join as one when joined together and each half is worn by one.

Given the endless choice and variety, next time choosing a ring for him won’t be such a difficult task after all.

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