Stunning Champagne and Chocolate Diamonds in a Wide Range of Prices

Champagne and Chocolate diamonds are elegant and unusual. They are the perfect type of “chocolate” to give a woman! HebiFot / Pixabay

Looking for a “yummy” piece of jewelry for yourself or a woman you love?  Some of the hottest trends in jewelry involve colored stones, in particular champagne and chocolate diamonds.  These beautiful varieties of diamonds have become popular in engagement rings, cocktail rings, necklaces, earrings and similar pieces of jewelry.  The color is so striking that any piece of jewelry that contains them is sure to attract attention and compliments!  As you will see with the examples in this article, some of these diamonds are actually a very pale champagne color and others are definitely a dark mocha or chocolate color.  Either way, they are fabulous.

Whether you call a diamond with a brownish tint champagne or chocolate depends on the brand of the diamond.  The term Chocolate Diamonds is a workmark (or trademark) and the rights to it are owned by the Le Vian Corporation.  Only they have the exclusive right to use that name.  You frequently see their ads on television, particularly around Valentine’s Day when they promote the idea that their type of “chocolates” are more popular than the candy kind! Despite their wordmark on the name, however, other designers are able to use similar stones.

Chocolate and champagne diamond jewelry comes in a wide variety of price ranges.   For example, you can get a similar look using simulated diamonds as well as the real stones.

Below is a collection of some of my favorite choices from Amazon.  You will find a wide range of prices here. If you want to see more photos or read the reviews, tap or click on the picture of that item and you will be taken to its Amazon page. If you want to browse for other selections, use the Amazon search box below the collection shown here.


While only Le Vian can call a diamond chocolate, that doesn’t mean you cannot own an item of this special jewelry. You can purchase similar diamonds by other names, including champagne, brown or mocha.  In many cases they can be surprisingly affordable.

These brown diamonds, by any name, are particularly striking when combined with traditional sparkling white diamonds.  In fact, that is a particularly stunning combination.

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