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Black onyx and silver jewelry can be stunning. You’ll love the choices shown in the article below! starbright / Pixabay

Whether you are looking for an attractive, affordable gift for someone else, or a special piece of jewelry for yourself, black onyx and silver jewelry is a lovely choice. Natural onyx is actually a banded, multi-colored stone called chalcedony which can range from white to black, with virtually every color in between, including many shades of red and yellow. Sometimes the natural banded stones are used in making jewelry. However, black onyx is the most popular color and is often mixed with sterling silver for a striking contrast.
Examples of Dramatic Onyx and Silver Earrings

Not all black onyx occurs naturally. Frequently other colors of onyx are treated using acids, dyes and sugar solutions in order to create the popular black color of onyx, and these techniques have been used since at least the time of the Roman Empire. Onyx was also used by early Egyptians and Greeks, and is mentioned in the Bible.

Today it is possible for anyone to enjoy gorgeous, affordable onyx and silver jewelry. It goes well with nearly any skin tone or hair color, as well as with a wide variety of clothing choices.
More Onyx and Silver Jewelry Choices

The collections of onyx and silver shown with this article are available from Amazon and its affiliate vendors. If you want more information about any of the items shown, simply tap or click on the picture of that piece of jewelry to be taken directly to its Amazon home page where you can see the full description, read product reviews and get other details.

I love the collections above. I own several of these items of onyx jewelry and especially enjoy the spider necklace. It is quite the conversation piece! Enjoy shopping for onyx jewelry from the convenience of home!

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