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Crazy Enough – the Storm Large Autobiography

If you love Storm Large’s dirty mouth and her extreme honesty, this is the book for you – or maybe for that crazy enough Storm Large fan on your Christmas list! It’s the truthful and touching and expose of her life that will explain so much about why she is the way she is and just why we love her so much. It’s available on Amazon in several formats.

I finished reading this book just this past week and it was so good! It is a book that no Storm Large fan should miss reading, even if you’re not a reader. Storm writes the way she talks – with lots of colorful language and right from the heart. There is not beating around the bush with this woman. She talks about what it was like to grow up with a mom with mental illnesses and teh constant ongoing fear that she was going to grow up to be just like her. She talks about her relationships (or lack of) and sex with frankness.

The part Ioved the most was when she went to see the Hollywood shrink and she asked him if she was crazy (fearing that he’d say she was) and instead he said, “No, but I think you have the brain of a man.” I totally feel like that sometimes.

READ THIS BOOK! It is awesome!
This is the book that every Storm Large Fan needs to have!!!

Check price on Amazon!

stormconcertStorm Large in Winnipeg

I was a huge fan while Storm Large was on Rock Star Supernova but when I found out she was coming to Winnipeg I was thrilled! I got the tickets #1 & #2 for the show. I went with my friend Patti (because my poor hubby was sick and couldn’t go) and we had front row seats. After the show she autographed my book for me  and made a short video for my husband (which I can’t put up because she really likes the F-word).

She is an awesome person and is really great to watch in concert.

I took this video when I saw her in concert!

The Name Behind the Woman

Does the name Storm Large seem oddly familiar to you? Or do you know exactly why you’ve heard it before? If you’re a comic buff you likely know that Storm has the same name as Susan Storm, the sexy invisible lady of the Fabulous Four.

Our Storm’s given name is Susan Storm Large.

Things they have in common? They are both:

  • beautiful
  • tall
  • have a commanding presence
  • powerful

Reasons to love Storm Large

Anyone who knows Storm Large is knows that there are many reasons to love her but here are a few of my reasons:

  1. She seriously knows how to rock out.
  2. She has the most beautiful voice that can be hardcore or soft and sexy.
  3. She’s big and tall and is never ashamed of her stature.
  4. She sings every woman’s theme song: “Ladylike”.
  5. She loves her fans and actually takes time to talk to them.

Storm Large Events

Check out the calendar to see where Storm Large will be next:

Need more of storm large? Check out some of her music on Amazon!

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