Side Effects- Can You Get High Off of Abilify?

Can you get high off of Abilify if you exceed your dosage? If you feel an unusual elevation in your mood after taking the medication, you should talk to your doctor about it. Abilify is an anti psychotic drug and it is quite strong. You should always use it with care and let your doctor know immediately if you start to experience serious side effects.


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Anti psychotic drugs have to be passed by the FDA. They do not have the potential to be abused as recreational drugs. If they are misused, it is likely that you could end up having a bad experience with restlessness, agitation and feelings of distress.


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You should always stick to the dose of Abilify that is recommended by your doctor. If you are on 20 mg per day, even taking one extra pill can lead to unpleasant or undesirable effects. If you mistakenly took too much and you start having muscle spasms or other problems, get emergency medical help.

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