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Oh No – Mosquito!
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Solar Bug Zapper

No longer must you put up with bugs and insects spoiling your outdoor fun! With a solar insect zapper, you can enjoy all of your outdoor time, from camping to barbecues to pool parties, without the annoying buzz and stings of pesky bugs!

These solar bug zappers do not require any electricity. The lights are completely solar powered.

Imagine the freedom you will have to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of mosquito bites! Mosquitoes carry a number of blood-borne diseases that can make your family and pets sick. Not to mention, their sting causes painful, itchy welts that can cause discomfort for days! Don’t let this spoil your family’s fun!

Make sure your family is safe from mosquito bites and disease with a solar insect zapper!

I want one to take on RV trips. We camp in wooded campgrounds which are scenic, but sometimes loaded with mosquitoes in the evening. That can really spoil our enjoyment of sitting out in the cool twilight time. With one of these, we can reclaim our outdoor time.

Video on Why We Need to Worry about Mosquito Bites

Solar Insect Zapper Protects You from Mosquitoes! – Backyard Pest Control Without Dangerous Chemicals

These solar bug zappers are serious about protecting your family from mosquito bites! They are completely solar powered. No electricity or dangerous flames are required!

It emits a light that attracts the insects. When the bug flies toward the light, it is zapped by a solar-powered electrified wire.

A mesh around the outside of the lantern allows the insects to entire while protecting children and others who might be curious (or foolish) enough to stick their fingers (or other body parts) into the working parts of the device.

Keep your family safe with one of these solar insect zappers!

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No More Sprays Or Lotions

I used to spray liberally with Off and other repellents. Then I started to read about some of the dangers of these and how important it was to wash them off after a short time. Ack. I certainly didn’t want to risk nerve damage which is one of the concerns about the sprays. The solar mosquito zappers don’t have any side-effects, thank goodness.

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