Rare And Hard-To-Find LEGO Sets

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There are many LEGO sets that were so popular, they’re now hard to find on store shelves. You can still find them online, and LEGO enthusiasts scoop them up and enjoy having something many don’t have. Once a set is discontinued, you have to search resellers on Amazon and eBay. Best of luck getting the LEGO set of your dreams once it is no longer being manufactured.

Here are the top 7 rare LEGO sets for you to give the LEGO fan on your Christmas list or get them for yourself.

LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

This is a beautiful LEGO set that mimics a winter wonderland scene. It’s set in a snow-covered environment, complete with a little snow owl figure and horse with cart to go with the seven figures (two women, three men, and two kids) and half a figure (the half figure is legs only – to depict a scene of someone who tumbled into a snow pile head first!

This unique LEGO set lights up on the inside of the bakery when you push on it (it uses an LR41 battery). The bakery set has 687 pieces – including tiles in a blue color scheme, matching plates, tan baguettes, croissants and green apples to go on the plates, and more!

This set has a caramel color for the outdoor bakery accents. The frozen pond sports ice skaters and a string of colorful holiday lights swinging overhead where the owl perches.

This set is rated very high by consumers. They love the additional tree shop situated near to the bakery and pond. Some buyers used this set as a holiday decoration for the mantel, while others let the kids play with it. They also appreciated the detailed accessories like skates, a whip, a camera, a shovel and various kinds of bread.

LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery

 LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery 10216View Details

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium

The Grand Emporium has a fitting name – it’s huge for a LEGO set, measuring 15 inches high and 10 inches wide. It resembles a three-story department store, emulating the Grand Emporium with seven figures walking about.

It’s a rare LEGO set because it includes pieces not generally found in other sets. There are shopping bags, mannequins, a window washer, a mailbox and an ice cream stand.

Once your figure enters the store through the revolving doors, they see a cash register where they can check out with their purchase after shopping and visiting the fitting rooms. Shoppers can buy hats, perfume, and pants.

If the figure wants to shop more, all they have to do is hop on the escalator to go to another level where housewares are sold – complete with plates and glasses. But of course, kids will love the third story of this store because it’s where the toy department is held, which has various toy elements included like bouncy balls, a scooter and toy houses.

The middle of the department store houses a beautiful skylight and chandelier, and up on the roof is a billboard. Outside the building, there are many flags sticking out from the sides.

Consumers savored every moment of building this LEGO set. Some say they worked on one level at a time, just to make it last longer. One reviewer had a great idea – to decorate the floors inside with items from your other LEGO sets. For example, she took some Star Wars LEGO items and put them upstairs in the toy department as kids’ toys!

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium

 LEGO Creator Grand Emporium 10211 (Discontinued by manufacturer)View Details

LEGO Tower Bridge And Other Creator LEGO SETS

This is a gorgeous 4,307-piece set of LEGOs that are perfect for the older LEGO fans. It mimics the Tower Bridge of London, England that spans across the River Thames.

These sets of LEGOs are advanced and have rare elements that aren’t usually included with typical sets. You can build the pair of towers with the drawbridge that opens up.

You can either play with this set or use it as a display only. Aside from the main bridge, you also get to build four vehicles that include a red, double-decker bus, a green car, a black taxi and a yellow truck.

You get four of the blue base plates to build on, and an array of pieces that can be used with other sets, like 80 windows, tons of arches, and more! Consumers rate it very high and many buyers commented on how great this specific model was for multiple people to work on at once.

LEGO Tower Bridge

 LEGO Tower Bridge 10214View Details LEGO Creator Expert 10253 Big Ben Building KitView Details LEGO Creator Expert 10234 Sydney Opera HouseView Details LEGO Creator Expert Sets Bundle: London Tower Bridge 10214 and Sydney Opera House 10234View Details

LEGO Creator Fire Brigade

This is an old-fashioned lovely scene that’s set in the 1930s and features a firehouse. In addition to the actual firehouse, there’s a traditional firehouse dog, four figures, and a fire truck to boot.

The attention to detail that LEGO put into this is amazing. There are things like standard firefighting tools, a pole inside the firehouse, and a little rack that holds their helmets.

The 2,231-piece fire station set has a garage door that opens and reveals two floors that are fully furnished – including a kitchen where the fridge is stocked – and a ping pong table for the firefighters to play with between calls. There is also a couch and a bookshelf inside for the decor.

On the roof, which comes off so you can access the inside, there is a bell and a water tower. Consumers who bought this set say that although younger kids may need help putting it together, it makes an incredible toy for them to play with. Others prefer to use it as a decoration piece to be looked at and not touched.

LEGO Creator Fire Brigade

 LEGO Creator Fire Brigade 10197 (Discontinued by manufacturer)View Details

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO lines to date. But this specific set is one of the harder to find versions that everyone wants. You get the Imperial Shuttle to create, plus a myriad of popular characters that include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, a Stormtrooper, the Shuttle Pilot and an Imperial Officer.

It’s a set with 2,503 pieces that includes a double laser that rotates and wing cannons. The quadruple seat cockpit opens up for access to the interior. Once you finish creating it, you can use the display stand or play with it instead.

This is a great gift for LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike. Some consumers buy two – one for display (they do not touch model) and one to play with. It’s noted to be an excellent conversation piece for guests.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 10212View Details

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV

Another top seller in the rare and hard to find LEGO list is from the Star Wars series. This set includes 1,408 pieces that create a vehicle that houses Princess Leia’s desk and a command center where two figures can be seated.

The roof comes off, and inside the storage compartment is a cargo transport vehicle. There are two escape pods that detach from the unit and there’s a radar disc that rotates along with turbo laser cannons.

As for figures that come with this blockade runner vehicle, there are five action figures included – Princess Leia, R2 D2, C-3PO, a Rebel Troopers and Captain Antilles – who, judging from highly rated consumer reviews, is one of the most coveted pieces in this set.

LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV is getting harder to find, so I’m unable to feature a link here. Best of luck trying to track one down. In the meantime, here’s another hard-to-find Star Wars LEGO set.

 LEGO Star Wars Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser (8039) (Discontinued by manufacturer)View Details

LEGO Creator Shuttle Adventure

If you know someone who is a fan of the space program, then this LEGO set makes the perfect gift. It lets you create a shuttle, and gives you both a male and female astronaut as the figures, plus a crew member who has his own vehicle and services the shuttle.

The shuttle has the booster rockets and fuel tank that detach during liftoff, and there are engines and landing gear to add to the realism. The cockpit opens up for the astronauts and there’s a robotic arm they can use for special missions.

Among the 1,204 pieces included in this LEGO set, there is a launch pad and a cargo compartment that opens up where a crane in revealed. This holds the satellite, which has solar panels and antenna. The person building it can either display it or countdown for a playful blast off.

When it comes to consumer reviews for this LEGO set, they appreciated the details like the instrument panel in the cockpit. This was one of the hard to find sets that buyers said was so durable, they put it on display and let the kids play with.

LEGO Creator Shuttle Adventure

 Lego Creator Shuttle Adventure (10213)View Details

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