Quilter’s Hobby Cards

Quilters Need a Personal Card for Their Hobby!

When you meet another quilter, it’s easy to strike up a friendship over your shared love of quilting. You meet someone at a quilt show or talk to someone who wants to get started with quilting. It’s a nuisance to rummage up a scrap of paper and a pencil to note down your contact information for them.

In all those cases, you’ll find it ever so convenient to hand them your personal hobby card. Decorated with a quilt or sewing design, the hobby card makes it easy to give your phone number or e-mail to your new quilting friends.

These cards work equally well for a professional quilter or for a quilt shop. Order your quilting business or hobby card today.

Colorful Quilt Business CardColorful Quilt Business CardView DetailsUnique Quilt Design Business CardsUnique Quilt Design Business CardsView DetailsSewing/Quilting Business CardSewing/Quilting Business CardView DetailsColorful fabrics sewing quilting business cardColorful fabrics sewing quilting business cardView DetailsPedal to the Medal Square CardPedal to the Medal Square CardView DetailsQuilted Business CardQuilted Business CardView DetailsWhimsy Quilt Business CardsWhimsy Quilt Business CardsView DetailsWhimsy Heart Quilt Business CardsWhimsy Heart Quilt Business CardsView DetailsQuilted Business CardsQuilted Business CardsView DetailsSewing Notions Heart Thank You Square Business CardSewing Notions Heart Thank You Square Business CardView DetailsQuilter Sewing Machine Business CardsQuilter Sewing Machine Business CardsView DetailsModern Quilt Artisan Square Business CardModern Quilt Artisan Square Business CardView DetailsSewing Business CardsSewing Business CardsView DetailsBusiness Card - Qulting Clothesline- PersonalizeBusiness Card – Quilting Clothesline- PersonalizeView DetailsPatchwork Quilt blocks pattern Business CardPatchwork Quilt blocks pattern Business CardView Detailssewing themed business card FabricatedFrames.comsewing themed business card FabricatedFrames.comView DetailsPrimitive Quilt Shop Business Card TemplatePrimitive Quilt Shop Business Card TemplateView DetailsRustic Primitive Sewing/Quilting Business CardRustic Primitive Sewing/Quilting Business CardView Details

The Zazzle site lets you personalize these cards to suit your situation. You can even make a business card totally from scratch using your own picture or graphic.

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