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I’ve been wanting outdoor blue candle lanterns for decorating a deck. I found an exceptionally beautiful and affordable Moroccan lamp. It’s absolutely gorgeous! As the sun sinks below the horizon, the embossed glass brilliantly shines like a deep azure sky. The color is breathtakingly beautiful. It emits a soft blue glow that’s decorative rather than functional. It’s exactly what I wanted to decorate my outdoor living area. They look amazing wherever they’re placed, even when they aren’t illuminated during the day. Imagine several of the following blue glass Moroccan candle lanterns hanging on your deck or embellishing a table. It would look stunning in any location.

Details and Features

  • Made from artfully and intricately crafted metal and glass
  • Dimensions are 4.2: x 3.8″ x 11.25″ – 10″ tall without ring on top
  • Glass panels are 6″ tall
  • Holds tea light, votive or small pillar candles
  • Weighs one pound
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Real Candles or Wax and Wick?

Now that you know where to find one of the most beautiful outdoor blue candle lanterns for your deck or patio, should you use real candles in glass lamps? They can be used, but it makes the most sense to use battery-operated candles with timers. Unlike real wax and wick candles, the battery-operated varieties don’t pose a risk. Also, who wants to have to open and close each little door and light the wicks one by one every night? Unless you use just one or two it would become a bit tedious.

Consider the following set of flameless candles with timers. They’ll turn on automatically for five hours and stay off for 19 hours. Because they flicker, they look just as lovely and impressive as the real kind. Behind the beautiful embossed blue glass panels, no one will know the difference.

Timer Flameless Candles By Festival Delights? - Premium IC-controlled Soft Flickering Votive Battery Operated Candles, 70+ Hours of Lighting, 5-Hours-Cycle Timer, Dia. 1.5Timer Flameless Candles By Festival Delights – Premium IC-controlled Soft Flickering Votive Battery Operated, 70+ Hours of Lighting, 5-Hours-Cycle Timer, 1.5″D x 1.75″H, 12 Battery cells Included

Displaying Outdoor Blue Candle Lanterns When Decorating a Deck

Since the wind can be an issue, avoid hanging anything breakable from hardware that could cause breakage. The lantern shouldn’t be able to reach anything when and if it swings. When displayed outside, you’re better off using metal wall-mounted planter hangers without chains. Metal plant hangers are available in countless styles, and they will keep your beautiful blue hanging candle lanterns secure when displayed outside. Otherwise, consider using one as an eye-catching table centerpiece. Either way, it will look amazing and highly unique.

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