Oil Free Infrared Electric Turkey Fryer For Outdoor Use

Frying A TurkeyBetween deep frying a turkey and roasting a turkey at home, which would you prefer? For me, I love delicious fried turkey any time. Crispy skin and juicy moist meat – Yummy!

The only setback would be frying the turkey at home puts me off. What with the danger of a big pot of boiling hot oil, oily mess to clean up and I have to admit, the unhealthy calories that come with the delicious bird.

So that’s why I’m seriously thinking of getting myself an oil free infrared electric turkey fryer for outdoor use.

It would make a wonderful Christmas gift too.

The Masterbuilt Butterball outdoor oil free electric turkey fryer uses radiant heat to cook the turkey. It has a double wall construction that keeps the heat in the inner cooking chamber and prevents flare ups.

It’s quite simple to use. There is a turkey stand for the turkey to sit on. This stand is hooked onto a metal cooking rack that sits nicely in the perforated cooking basket.

The infrared heating element is below the turkey. Radiant heat strikes in all directions sealing in the juices before penetrating the inner parts of the bird.

There is even a wood chip box included for those who love a smoky flavor.

If you’re like me and love the turkey drippings, then the oil less turkey fryer makes this possible. You can’t get drippings when frying in a pot of hot oil.

The dripping pan lies beneath the drip valve of the cooking basket to collect the drippings. Now, that’s great as you can use the drippings to make delicious gravies.

So far, majority of customers feedback are positive, commenting that the skin is crispy, the meat tender and juicy with some even proclaiming that the oil free turkey was the best bird they have ever eaten. Wonderful!

Does the oil free turkey cooker roaster has any drawbacks?

Well, it takes longer to cook the turkey compared to the hot oil method. You’ll need to estimate about 10 minutes per pound of the bird compared to 3.5 – 4 minutes for the fryer using oil.

Besides the oil free model using electric, there is also one using propane by Char-Broil.

If you prefer frying your bird indoor, then you have the choice of the indoor electric stainless steel turkey fryers but these use oil to fry.

However, these use less oil compared to the outdoor propane fryers. These are for smaller size birds too.

Looks like you can’t have everything, right?

Get some tasty marinades and spice rubs to go with your moist and juicy turkey. I’ve found some useful turkey fryer accessories that help make the whole process easier.

Do read more turkey fryer ideas before buying one.

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