My New Obsession – Lug Handbags

Lug Purses and Handbags Have Me Fascinated

lug1I have to confess – I have a purse and handbag obsession. I own too many of them yet I can’t stop buying them. Buying a purse or handbag to me is like getting a new pair of shoes or boots for other women. Don’t get me wrong – shoes are pretty awesome, too – but purses have a couple advantages.

For one, handbags always fit. They are never too tight or they never give you blisters. They never make you too hot or too cold and they come in so many wonderful styles and colors. How can you not be in love with something like that. One day I am going to dedicate a whole wall in my office to my favorite purses!

Anyway, I found a new brand to love – Lug! Lug makes more than just purses and bags but those are the things I love the most. The picture you see to the right is the new purse that I just got. It’s called the sidekick and it is perfect for the busy mom, the shopper, or the traveler.

Let me tell you more about it…



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The Lug Sidekick Excursion Pack is a Woman’s Best Friend

Do you hate it when you have to search through your purse for your keys, your phone, your gum? Looking for that breath freshener that you threw in your purse so you’d have fresh breath for your interview? Most purses just don’t give you enough options for organization. And while I’m not an organized freak or anything (props to those of you who are because sometimes I *wish* I was!) I do like to be able to find what I need when I need it. And with most purses, I can’t

This Lug handbag is simply awesome. If there was a place to put a pocket, they put it in there! There are 3 small zippered pocket and one larger zippered pocket on the front, plus there is a magnetized pocket that is perfect for your cell phone or camera. Then, there are two more zippered pockets on the back and on the side there’s a hidden water bottle holder (seriously – you can’t see what it is if there’s not a bottle in there). Inside is just as awesome with a large zip pocket, a smaller zip pocket and two cargo pockets. Gee – you can’t help but be organized with this baby! And, it comes in gorgeous colors! I think I might have got the last black and grey one. 🙂

My Newest Lug Bag

My daughter seems to know me better than I thought because she surprised me this year with a new Lug purse to add to my collection. We aren’t normally big gift givers in our family but I guess that she decided that I deserve something nice this year.

lug jasmine

This is called the Lug Moped Day Pack and it is perfect for daily running around.  It has a zippered pocket on the front that I use for keys, lip gloss and a few smaller items.  There’s also little pockets in that zippered compartment.  On the back there’s a larger pocket with a snap and that’s usually where my phone goes for easy access.  On the side there’s a water bottle holder that folds in and if there’s not a bottle in there you’d never even realize it is there.  Inside the flap, there’s a mesh zippered area and the main section has another zippered compartment and pockets.  The main compartment is big enough to carry a decent sized tablet in (I have a tablet/netbook combo with a detachable keyboard and it fits in there just fine with a good sized wallet and a few other miscellaneous items).


Lug – Hopscotch Tote in Chocolate Brown

This is fun little tote – perfect for a day of shopping or a mom that needs to keep surprise items in her purse to keep the kids busy. There’s a D-ring in the front zippered pocket in the middle and then there are multiple zipped pockets, pen holders, cargo pockets and accessory pockets throughout the purse. There’s even a soft-lined tablet pocket in the main interior – excellent option for the woman on the go! There’s a space for everything and since it has a water-repellant finish you don’t have to worry about keeping your stuff dry in the rain. This tote comes in 8 more gorgeous colors!

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lug5Skipper Shoulder Pouch Color: Marigold Yellow

This is a cute bag if you’re the type of woman that doesn’t like to carry everything but the kitchen sink with her. It’s big enough for an ereader but not big enough for lots of bulky items, so it will never get too heavy. It zips at the top and has both back and front zippered pockets. The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can carry it the way you want it and it has a water-repellant finish, too. There are a few different colors including red and blue.

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lug6Lug Somersault Shoulder Pouch, Midnight Black

Here’s another great purse if you only carry what you need with you. It’s got soft lines and a magnetic closure that flaps over. And it comes in a nice selection of colors. It’s affordable enough that you could get several colors to match your mood or your outfit!

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lug7Lug Windjammer Everyday Tote (Crimson)

This is one of the most versatile bags you’ll ever find. If you’re travelling you’ll find that it fits everything you need on the place from your ereader to a tablet to a notebook and more. It zips at the top and has a zippered pocket on the front where you find places for your pens and cards and two lined cargo pockets. There’s even a key fob so you always know where your keys are. Other pockets give you quick access to your cell phone and other items. There’s that cool hidden water bottle pocket again and the bottom of the purse is wipeable. That last feature would also make it perfect for a small diaper bag! And check out all those awesome colors!

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What’s In My Bag?


lug8I’ve always been fascinated by what people carry around in their purses so I thought I would share with you what I carry in my new Lug purse.

So, what exactly do you see here? The pink item on the top right is my Kobo Arc, which is 7″ so with the cover it takes up quiet a bit of room. Just beneath that is a notebook (to cover is made from computer wires!) and then my wallet is just under that. These all go in the main compartment.

In the middle you see two packs of cigarettes (yes, I’m a smoker and I know how horrible it is for me and everyone else; this kudos is not about smoking so let’s just hold our quit smoking rants to ourselves please) and my cell phone (the most old school phone in the world – it barely does text). If you move towards the left a bit you’ll see a blue receipt book for giving receipts to people that advertise on a local site I own, pens, move down and you see an orange pack of orange creamsicle gum (yummy), lip gloss and keys.

My purse is no where near full!

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