Multi-Function Peeler by Titan – Essential Kitchen Tool

Multi-Function Peeler by Titan | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Multi-Function Peeler by Titan | Image by Lena Kovadlo

When it came time to remove the skin from fruits and veggies I always used a knife, which wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do. I wanted to make peeling easier so I decided to try using a peeler. I found one that had a vertical blade and tried it out. Instead of simplifying the process it actually made peeling harder and more time consuming. Then I tried a peeler with a horizontal blade but the experience was the same. I decided to go back to using a knife. Now my knife peeling days are over since I came across a multi-function peeler by Titan. 

This essential kitchen tool by Titan has a long wide handle and a horizontal blade instead of a vertical one. This makes the peeler comfortable to hold in your hand without slipping and lets you remove the skin from fruits and veggies in any direction quickly and easily.

The great thing about this multi-function peeler by Titan is that it can also be used as a slicer, grater and shaver. You can slice fruits and veggies, grate cheese, no matter how hard or soft it may be, shave chocolate and more. The Titan peeler also comes with a julienne peeler, which lets you cut your food into long or short thin strips. This makes your food look more appealing than using a regular shredder. It also comes with a garnishing feature, which is great if you are a creative person like me. 

The Titan peeler and julienne peeler are 100% stainless steel with ultra sharp blades. They are dishwasher safe but can easily be cleaned with a sponge under running water. If you have some food stuck in the julienne peeler you can use a dish brush to get it out with ease.

The multi-function peeler by Titan is an essential kitchen tool. It is very affordable and will last for a very long time. I am so happy I discovered it and decided to give it a chance. It is by far the best peeler I have ever used.

Multi-Function Peeler by Titan  | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Multi-Function Peeler by Titan

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