Men Moisturizer With SPF- Bulldog Zirh All Natural Skincare

Fragrance and Skincare for Men Reviews

Bulldog natural Skincare, Zirh Ikon, Zirh Corduroy and Zirh shave gel are among the leading men’s skincare products. Bulldog has a good moisturizer for men. Most Zirh products are made for men and compete well on the market based on their quality and price.

The brand also has an anti aging treatment for men. Zirh Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturiser is applied at night to help remove fine lines and wrinkles from your face and neck.


Zirh Ikon Review


Zirh Ikon

Zirh Ikon is Zirh’s most popular fragrance to date. It is a warm blend of lemon, black cinnamon and several other flavors, including:

  • Iris root
  • Cardamom
  • Incense
  • Cedar
  • Ginger
  • Davano flowers
  • Cloves

Zirh Ikon is a strong cologne with a great scent and best of all, it costs less than some of its competitors. To some men, it smells better than several more expensive colognes such as these and is great for nights and special occasions.


Men Moisturizer With SPF- Bulldog Zirh All Natural Skincare

Men Moisturizer With SPF- Bulldog Zirh All Natural Skincare


Zirh Corduroy

Zirh Corduroy is a great smelling fragrance that women usually like on their husbands or boyfriends. In some cases, women are the ones who first introduce men to Zirh Corduroy because they like it. It’s clean and masculine without being overpowering. The scent is also long lasting and will get you compliments throughout your day.


Fragrance Review – Zirh


Zirh Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturiser for Men

If you have used Zirh shave gel and other Zirh products in the past, you already known that the brand is top quality. The Zirh night cream rejuvenates facial skin, leaving you with a fresher look each morning.

Zirh Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturiser should only be applied to skin that has just been cleaned. It and this double-duty moisturizer for men also act as a sunscreen. After you put it on, massage it into your skin. You only need to use a little each time. This night cream is really light and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Zirh Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturiser doesn’t have an overpowering scent and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your skin. It can be used along with cocoa butter to reduce facial scars or scars from piercings.  If you live in an area where you get a lot of sun or you work out in the sun all day, this will protect your skin. You can use it with the following Zirh products:

  • Zirh Clean Alpha Hydroxy Face Wash
  • Zirh Protect Daily Facial Conditioner
  • Zirh Restore Herbal Under Eye Cream



Moisturizer for men

Sensitive skincare

Men moisturizer


The Reluctant Groomer, Episode 1: Face Moisturizer


Bulldog Cosmetics Natural Skincare Original Moisturiser for Men

Zirh Rejuvenate Anti Aging Moisturizer competes with other brands that develop cosmetics for men, such as Bulldog Cosmetics.


Sensitive moisturizer for face

Sensitive moisturiser for men

Sensitive skin moisturiser for men


Bulldog Cosmetics- Foundation of the Brand

Bulldog Moisturiser for men, like other Bulldog cosmetics, is made using botanicals that replenish the skin. The company was founded by Simon Duffy. While shopping for a natural product for his wife, Mr. Duffy realized that the there weren’t many natural products available for men. This moisturizer for men can be used along with moisturizing beard oil to keep your entire face looking great.

Bulldog Cosmetics makes a wide range of cosmetics for men. All of the plants that they use are carefully selected. In addition to providing a quality product with natural ingredients, they also set out to compete with bigger brands that do not focus on using natural ingredients in their cosmetics.

Bulldog Natural Skincare Original Moisturiser is part of a set of complementary beauty products which includes the following:

  • Bulldog face wash
  • Bulldog Natural Skincare Original face scrub
  • Bulldog Natural Skincare Original after shave balm


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