Left-Handed Gifts for Left-Handed People

 Find the Perfect Gift for the Left-Handed People in Your Life!

For left-handed people, it can be a struggle to find tools and gear that fits their hand orientation. Lefties often feel like a minority or may have been pressured in school to switch to right-handedness. My sister is left-handed and so is her husband, so that gave me insight into some things that don’t work well for them. I wanted to find useful items that make life easier for them and others.

Celebrate and recognize the lefty in your life with a special gift just for the left-handed person. Here are a variety of gifts that they would love to receive.

Everyone Needs a Coffee Mug – Lefties Too

These have the design on both sides, so when using it with your left-hand, you aren’t looking at the blank side of the cup.

Left-handed people mugLeft-handed people mugView DetailsLeft-handed people travel mugLeft-handed people travel mugView DetailsLeft-handed people frosted glass beer mugLeft-handed people frosted glass beer mugView DetailsLeft-handed people beer steinLeft-handed people beer steinView DetailsLefties Only Coffee MugLefties Only Coffee MugView DetailsKeep Left Sign on a MugKeep Left Sign on a MugView DetailsLefties Only! Coffee MugLefties Only! Coffee MugView Details

Left-Handed Keyboard – for the computer buffs on your gift list

Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard by A4TechErgonomic Left Handed Keyboard by A4TechView DetailsBloody B845 Light Strike (LK) Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – RGB LED Backlit – LK Blue Switch – Left Handed KeyboardBloody B845 Light Strike (LK) Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – RGB LED Backlit – LK Blue Switch – Left Handed KeyboardView Details

Who would have thought there was a left-handed keyboard. Nifty! There’s even a lefty keyboard, especially for gamers.

These have the number pad on the left side. For those of us who aren’t left-handed, we never even knew that lefties had to struggle with the keypad being on the wrong side when they use a standard keyboard.

T-Shirts Just for Lefties

Be proud of being a lefty! It’s a black t-shirt with the slogan, “I’m left-handed. What’s your super power?”

A Left-Handed Pen

The center one is great with the grip specially designed for comfort for the southpaw. It’s refillable so will last for years.

My Sister Shares Her Experience as a Lefty

“I learned to play softball with a right-handed mitt, but everything else I do totally left-handed. I carry things in my right hand to leave the dominant hand available to turn a key, etc. Most punch bowl ladles pour from the wrong side so even that isn’t simple for left-handed people.”

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