Thomas Kincade Collectible Christmas Snow Globes


Kindcaid Snow Globes

Kindcaid Snow Globes

I love snow globes.  They are so pretty!  They are like a small slice of the world, frozen for all time.  Give it a little shake and the snow flies, making a lovely scene even more beautiful.

I have often thought of collecting them.  There are so many gorgeous ones that I want!  The thing that always held me back was the thought of dusting them.  I really don’t have the time or the inclination to keep them polished and dusted so they look their best.  So I admired them from afar.

Two years ago, my husband bought me the most beautiful Thomas Kincade snow globe!  I proudly displayed it on  the mantle and enjoyed it throughout the holidays.   I loved it so much, I was sad to put it away after Christmas with the rest of the decorations.  Then last year, when I unpacked it with the Christmas decorations, it was like it was new all over again.  I turned it on and smiled the whole time I was putting up the Christmas decorations.   The next day, my husband came home from work and he had a wrapped gift that he handed me and said it was an early Christmas present.  I opened it and inside I found the snow globe below! Village


Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Village Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange

Wow!  I was flabbergasted.  Such an intricate and gorgeous piece, I didn’t know what to say.  He said that he remembered how I lit up the previous year when he gave me the snow globe, so he thought he would make it a tradition.  I was so touched and happy!  Now I can have my snow globe collection without having to dust it 12 months a year, because it is only out for one month and I can love it enough in that month to last me all year!  Bless my husband!


Thomas Kinkade Holiday Scene Snowman Snowglobe Ornament Set by The Bradford ExchangeThomas Kinkade Wondrous Winter Musical Snowman Snowglobe by The Bradford ExchangeThomas Kinkade Village Inside A Sledding Snowman Snowglobe by The Bradford ExchangeThomas Kinkade Sno’ Much Fun Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange

I’m so glad that my husband chose Thomas Kincade Snow globes to buy for me. They are a higher quality than most. Most of them are lighted and have a motor that blows the snow around, so you don’t have to shake them manually. Some of them also play a tune. I was especially charmed with the village because the houses light up like they are occupied. The attention to detail in the painting is fabulous, they really are superior quality. Definitely appropriate for collecting.  

This year I have done a little shopping and dropped a hint about this one



Thomas Kinkade Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town Musical Snowglobe Train Car by The Bradford Exchange

There are so many beautiful choices, it is hard to decide!

Thomas KinkadeThomas Kinkade Jingle Bells Christmas Musical Snowglobe by The Bradford Exchange

The globe below is by far my favorite, it is the first one he gave me.  Not only is it beautiful, but it opens up to show a fabulous Christmas scene inside the house.  There are even little lights that illuminate the inside, when you display the inside scene.  The Santa and reindeer on top of the house is a fully functioning snow globe and the snow swirls all by itself when you turn it on.  It even has a beautiful narrative of Thomas Kinkade, himself, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It is truly a fabulous piece that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Thomas Kinkade Twas the Night Before Christmas

Snow Globe







Happy Holidays

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