Kilimanjaro Fitness Requirements – Prevent Injuries

These Kilimanjaro fitness tips will help men and women climb to the peak with less stress on their bodies. On your first ascent, Kili will offer you beauty as well as mental and emotional growth. Conquering the mountain is not easy and can be more of a test of mental than physical strength.



Kilimanjaro Fitness Requirements
Most adults who are in good health should not have a problem climbing Kili. Your body will be placed under stress as you climb higher up the mountain, due to declining oxygen levels. Kilimanjaro guides are experienced and set a pace that makes it easier for you to adjust to the conditions.


Kilimanjaro Fitness Requirements - Prevent Injuries

Kilimanjaro Fitness Requirements – Prevent Injuries


Prevent Injuries

Carry a first aid kit with you and wear gear that helps prevent cuts and scrapes. Follow a fitness plan and start preparing for your Kili climb a few months in advance to strengthen your body. It is best to start light, building up in intensity as you progress every two weeks.

The climb will help you to embrace all of your strengths. Following a good fitness plan puts you in a stronger position. In addition, you will develop stronger lungs which will make it easier for you to acclimatize to the thin air. Check out this fitness DVD on Amazon, which you can use to improve your overall stamina.

Climbing to the roof of Africa allows you to reconnect with yourself and gain fresh perspective on life. Exercising in preparation can seem difficult if you are under pressure at work but you will see the benefits when you are climbing Kili.

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