Ideas for a Little Girl’s Shopkins Birthday Party

Do you need ideas for a little girl’s Shopkins birthday party? It’s still a very popular theme for kids. You can find all sorts of Shopkins party supplies here as tips and suggestions. Consider these ideas for Shopkins birthday party games, activities, decorations, food, and more. It will be a blast for all, especially the guest of honor. It will be a celebration to remember. Why not get started now on planning the party? It’s never too soon to organize your DIY event.  

Decorate with Shopkins Garland, Place Settings, and More

A celebration wouldn’t be quite as exciting without themed decorations. When seeking ideas for a little girl’s Shopkins birthday party, consider decorating the doorways and tables with Shopkins themed party decorations including garland, tablecloths, place settings, and other colorful themed items. These days you can find just about any theme imaginable, especially online. You won’t have to run from store to store for the cheapest Shopkins birthday party supplies. Table settings and other usable items can also serve as the decorations. 


Consider a Shopkins Pull-String Pinata

Pinatas are a must for a child’s birthday party. It’s best to use pull-string pinatas for younger children. Each child pulls a single string and the candy falls to the floor. No one will know which string will ultimately release the goodies. It can also be used the traditional way with a broom handle or bat, or it can serve as a Kooky Cookie birthday party decoration. The one above has 12 strings and holds two pounds of candy and/or small toys of your choice. What kind of toys can you add? How about adding several Shopkins figures? They will be the highlight of the party.  

Shopkins Bingo is a Blast!

When searching for Shopkins themed birthday party games, how about bingo? It’s a classic game that’s fun and exciting. Kids want to continue playing even after the prizes have all been handed out. It keeps everyone busy as they listen and mark their squares in anticipation of prizes. Pass out candy or Shopkins toys as rewards. Bingo will be a huge hit for younger and older kids alike. 


Dessert Ideas for a Little Girl’s Shopkins Birthday Party

You don’t have to order from a bakery for an impressive Shopkins birthday cake. Why not make cupcakes instead? Less will go to waste. Kids are notorious for eating the frosting and leaving behind the cake. Each serving will be just the right size. In keeping with the theme of the party, top them with inexpensive Shopkins themed cake decorations or rings. Finish by adding a sprinkling of eye-catching edible glitter. 


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