Ideas for Easy Ways to Display Air Plants

Do you need ideas for easy ways to display air plants? These are very simple but impressive. They’re also unique and creative. However, I didn’t come up with these without a little inspiration. I found these options while searching for easy care houseplants, and I embellished them a bit. They are available as ready-made home decor items, but they cost more than buying the foliage and doing it yourself. If you want to save money on your methods of display, consider the following unique ways to decorate with air plants. You’ll love these easy solutions. They’re fun and unique air plant crafts and DIY projects.

Display Air Plants on a Beautiful Piece of Driftwood

Those in need of ideas for easy ways to display air plants should consider using driftwood. Create planter holes with a large diameter drill bit, stick them in crevices or attach them with narrow gauge wire. If they aren’t permanently attached they can be easily replaced if they outgrow the base. A driftwood display is a great addition to a room with a beach or ocean theme. Best of all, you can enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself rather than buying it ready-made. They will look as if they grew naturally on the wood.

How to Make Unique Refrigerator Magnets with Air Plants

When seeking ideas for easy ways to display air plants, how about making unique DIY refrigerator magnets? Aren’t they pretty? Hollow out the centers of ordinary wine bottle corks. To add something more, wrap each one with a narrow satin or paper twist ribbon in a color of your choice. Create a tiny bow, and attach it with a pin. Run the pin through the center of the bow and the base of the air plant to secure it in the cork.

These little air plants in wine cork planters can be decorated in countless other ways. Your options are only limited by your imagination. You can use small beads, beach glass, tiny seashells, and more. Use E6000 adhesive or Gorilla glue to attach the embellishments. You’ll also want to attach a strong magnet to the center of each one.

3 Pack of Magnetic Wine Cork Planters with Air Plants - Free Shipping for Air Plant Shop orders over $45 - Air Plant Variety3 Pack of Magnetic Wine Cork Planters with Air Plants – Free Shipping for Air Plant Shop orders over $45 – Air Plant Variety

These are far more unique than the usual fridge magnets, don’t you think? They’ll generate countless comments and compliments. More than likely, your friends and family will want to know where they can get them too. They make wonderful gifts. Best of all, they’re super easy to do. If you would rather not make your own, or if you don’t have a source for a few wine corks, buy a ready-made set. You can always jazz up the cork planters in unique new ways if you want, but they’re really very beautiful just as they are.

Ideas for Easy Ways to Display Air Plants with Baskets

Here’s another unique way to decorate with air plants. Use narrow gauge wire to attach them to the side of a woven baskets Arrange them in a circular pattern like those pictured below. They will thrive on air, a little light, and a misting of water once a week. They need very little care to grow and flourish beautifully. One word of warning, though. Collecting them is addictive, and you’ll likely want a whole lot more.

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