Hyperthyroidism In Cats Diet

A hyperthyroidism in cats diet is ideal for felines that are older and are having health problems related to this condition. Hyperthyroidism in cats is an endocrine condition and a special diet can help your cat to manage their symptoms better, so they can live a longer life.

Once your cat passes a significant milestone in their life in terms of their age, their likelihood of developing certain diseases becomes higher. A hyperthyroidism in cats diet will more often be necessary or recommended for a cat over ten years of age than a very young kitten.

Hyperthyroidism In Cats Diet

Hyperthyroidism In Cats Diet

A senior cat can have CatSure or another liquid diet that is specially formulated for felines with their special needs. A hyperthyroidism in cats diet will usually be low in iodine, in order to help the thyroid gland function better.

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