How to Wear a Hijab for Beginners


How to Wear a hijab for beginners|source

Asalam Walaikum! Are you ready to learn how to wear a hijab? Beginners will find what they need here, to get started successfully with wearing a hijab.

When I started wearing hijab last summer, I was a revert. I didn’t have anyone to show me what to do, or to give me advice on what I needed to buy. I ended up wasting some money by purchasing scarves that didn’t work. I also tore some of my nice scarves up using pins that weren’t suitable.

My hope with this page is to save you some of my grief and heartache, or at least to help you keep more of your money in your pocketbook. I mean, there are better things to do with money than waste it on scarves that won’t work. Am I right?!

Ababalaya Womens' Chiffion Fashion Color Block Hijab Scarf ShawlAbabalaya Womens’ Chiffion Fashion Color Block Hijab Scarf Shawl


How to Wear a Hijab Tutorial Videos


When I first got started, I don’t know what I would have done without YouTube and instructional videos. That is really where I learned how to wear a hijab. Yes, from watching videos and then trying it myself!


I am sure it is nicer to have another woman to help you, but a lot of times reverts don’t have that luxury. Thank goodness for modern technology and YouTube!

Here is a helpful video that is especially for beginners who want to learn how to wear hijab!


Elegance Collections Muslim Women's Jersey Hijab Khimar Soft Rectangle One SizeElegance Collections Muslim Women’s Jersey Hijab Khimar Soft Rectangle One Size

Here is a jersey hijab similar to the one that Ruba was showing us in her video. I bought this hijab last summer, so I can tell you about it first hand.

I really like the weight and drape of this scarf. It is very comfortable, and I did not have trouble with slippage.


This soft hijab comes in twelve beautiful colors. I bought the gray one, and it was lovely. It also comes in coral, white, black; and, two shades each of blue, green, purple and brown.

One thing I like with this one is that you can get free returns. So it is easy to take a look and see if you like the color and the fabric before you decide. If you aren’t happy, Amazon makes it so easy to return the item. Just call their customer service and tell them you need to return your purchase. They will send UPS to your house to pick up the item. It really could not be simpler!

If you are new to wearing hijab, this one is nice to start out with. Besides being a reasonable price, the scarf is easy to manage. It is a nice size for learning different ways of wrapping it around your head and neck. It doesn’t slip and slide like some other fabrics do.

Here is another tutorial, just to give you a little variety.



This is another gorgeous look you can do with your jersey hijab. She demonstrates the style using a silk scarf, which is beautiful. I would not, however, recommend starting your hijab experience using silk or other slippery fabrics. I also would avoid experimenting with expensive scarves until you have some experience under your belt. I have messed up several scarves, just trying to figure out how to make it look right and putting pins into it too many times.

Apparelsonline Set of 12 Hijab Sari Safety PinsApparelsonline Set of 12 Hijab Sari Safety Pins

A Few More Things You Need to Wear a Hijab

If this is your first hijab, don’t forget to order some hijab pins! It makes putting the hijab on so much easier to have the proper pins.

I used safety pins and straight pins from my sewing box at first. They can work, but they are hard to work with. The safety pins are hard to maneuver while keeping the fabric tight around your head. And, the straight pins slide out as you go through your day. Then your scarf starts slipping off.

There’s nothing quite like being a hijab novice and having the thing fall off in a crowd, or blow off while you are crossing the street. I’m sure it is never fun, but at first you may feel a bit self-conscious about wearing it in the first place, and it is best to avoid these kinds of awkward situations.

So, my advice, sister to sister, is to invest in some decent hijab pins! They really are worth it.

These black ones are pretty basic. You don’t have to stick with black though. They also come in white. There is even a set that has a lot of different colors on one card! So, match your pins to your wardrobe!


Hayaa Long Ninja Underscarf Hijab with Back Slit Pack of 2Hayaa Long Ninja Underscarf Hijab with Back Slit Pack of 2

You are also going to need some kind of under scarf. I recommend this style for beginners.

My first under scarf was a tube style. I chose it because I thought it would help me stay cooler. Did I mention I am hot natured?

The problem I had with the tube was that it slipped off the back of my head. I had to tug on it all day to keep my hair covered. It was very annoying. I couldn’t focus on anything I was doing, just tugging on that stupid bonnet!

This style makes life much easier as you are learning how to wear a hijab. Besides covering your hair, this style covers your neck and upper chest. Even if your scarf slips, you stay covered. This will increase your confidence in wearing the hijab.

Of course, you are welcome to try the tube styles or the lace styles! I just believe you will have the best success at first with this style that will keep you covered no matter what. It will help you build confidence until you have the experience to use the other kind.

I hope this has been helpful to you in learning some basic hijab styles for beginners, and in helping you find the supplies you need for getting started wearing hijab.

Please let me know you stopped by, and if you found this page helpful in learning how to wear a hijab!


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