Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances  

hk1Just because you’re a Hello Kitty fan doesn’t mean you can’t cook so why shouldn’t you cook with some awesome Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances? These kitchen items are hot right now and any Hello Kitty fan would love you to death if you got her one of these cook appliances as a gift. There’s stuff for those who love to cook or even for the Hello Kitty fan that can barely make toast.

This Hello Kitty 2-Slice toaster is so cute. It has wide slots so that you can toast bread or bagels in it and it is cool to the touch so you won’t burn yourself. It has 7 settings and 4 modes so you can make your toast just the way you like it. AND all of your toast will be made perfectly with a picture of Hello Kitty toasted into it!

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I had a roommate that was totally obsessed with this silly cat. She loved the stuff and I know if she’d known about the fact that you could get all this kitchen stuff she would have gone beserk because she also loved to cook. She had some cookie shapes of this famous cat and she would make these delicious cookies and then put icing on them to make them the right colors. She used to make cupcakes and decorate them in the same theme. I wasn’t so much of a fan but I sure did love her baking! No one could resist it and when there was a potluck she was always in charge of dessert!

More Cool Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances

I am completely amazed at how many different Hello Kitty kitchen appliances there are out there. No matter what you’re looking for I’m sure you’ll find it here! Hmmm – wondering how my daughter would feel about a kitchen decked out in Hello Kitty?

I think it is important to remember that Hello Kitty is not just for little girls anymore. Lots of women love this stuff and if you’re one of them you should be able to express yourself any way you like. Hello Kitty kitchen stuff is fun and unique and it will make you want to be in your kitchen all the more!

Hello Kitty for Your First Apartment

hk10I think that if I was younger and getting my first apartment I’d want to make it really awesome. I’d want to make my kitchen reflect my style and I would want it to be fun. I mean, really – who wants to cook in a boring kitchen.

Lots of these kitchen appliances are things that a typical university student would use and if your dorm allows you to have electrical appliances they are great for a girls’ dorm room. Many of them are good for meals on the good. A blender is a great choice for a university or college student that is always on the run. You can throw in some fruits, veggies, and whey protein and have an easy meal that will keep you full until lunch. Or if you’re running out the door on the way to work, it’s an easy solution to a meal on the go.

And what about those long nights of studying? You need to have something to munch on. I would have loved to have one of these cute air popcorn makers. It’s the perfect size for one or two girls. And great for movie nights, too. Oh, and as a bonus, popcorn is low calorie, so you won’t have to worry about gaining weight from all that munching out!

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