Hanging Shower Shelf That Won’t Rust

Do you need a hanging shower shelf that won’t rust? You would assume that anything meant for a water-soaked area would be waterproof, right? That would make too much sense! Even dishwasher racks are made to fall apart. It’s a throwaway society, and things are designed with replacement in mind. Some caddies rust within just a few months. Not only are they ugly as they slowly deteriorate, but they can also cause stains. Check out these rustproof shower caddies, and stop buying junk that you’ll have to replace multiple times.

Is That Rust, Grime, or Gunk?

At first glance, you might think the brown goo on your shower caddy is old soap or grime. Some of it will come off, but cleaning and scrubbing won’t solve the problem. Even steel wool won’t do the trick. The rust will continue to spread once it starts. Besides, soap scum or grime isn’t dark brown, but when mixed with soap scum it’s even messier. Get rid of the old one as soon as possible before it stains your bathtub and/or shower walls.

Types of Shower Caddies That Won’t Rust

You don’t have to buy plastic when trying to find a hanging shower shelf that won’t rust. Plastic looks cheap, it’s hard to clean, and it doesn’t last any longer than unprotected metal. When shopping for rustproof shower caddies, what you want is stainless steel or aluminum. Avoid cheap metal at all costs, even if it’s coated with paint or vinyl. Coatings will come off! You will pay more initially for high-quality shower shelves, but you’ll only have to buy them once. They will become part of your stylish bathroom decor rather than something that simply holds soap and hair care products.

Get a High-Quality Hanging Shower Shelf That Won’t Rust

I wanted a high-quality hanging shower caddy, but my husband insisted on tension rod shower shelves. I hated it, but I didn’t complain. It would have been fine if it wasn’t the cheapest and flimsiest unit available. Now it’s rusting and headed for the trashcan. I will have to buy a hanging shower shelf that won’t rust. The kind that I wanted to begin with was just a few dollars more.

I prefer shower caddies that hang over the shower head, don’t you? I don’t need a huge one anyway. All that I need is a place to set my shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, and razor. I don’t want or need a floor-to-ceiling shelf for the shower. A heavy-duty stainless steel or aluminum shower caddy is all that I need. At least it won’t require replacement after just a few weeks.

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