Gorgeous Amethyst Jewelry for Women

Natural amethyst quartz crystal comes in a variety of shades of lavender.  (Photo credit: morguefile.com)

Natural amethyst quartz crystal comes in a variety of shades of lavender. (Photo credit: morguefile.com)

Do you love the gemstone amethyst? It is appreciated by many because it is the birthstone for the month of February. However, those who were born in February are not the only ones who appreciate owning a few items of stunning violet or purple amethyst jewelry for women.

Amethyst is made of quartz crystal and has a moderate hardness rating of 7.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

The word amethyst actually comes from a Greek word that means “not intoxicated.” Believe it or not, ancient Greeks and Romans sometimes wore amethyst jewelry because they thought it would keep them from getting drunk! In addition to wearing it, they sometimes carved large amethyst stones into the shape of cups because they thought drinking alcoholic beverages from these cups would prevent intoxication.

Today, while many women love to wear amethyst, there is absolutely no evidence that it will prevent drunkenness!

Below you will find a number of examples of beautiful and affordable amethyst jewelry items. They are perfect to purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else … whether they were born in February or not!

Natural amethyst is mined in Russia, Canada, Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, South Korea, Austria and in the United States. The color in one stone can range from pale pink to deep violet, which makes it challenging for gemologists to cut, since they try to find a consistent color in each stone they use in jewelry.

In the past, amethyst was very expensive and rare … until it was discovered in so many different locations around the world. Now it is much more affordable and still regarded as quite beautiful.

Both Natural and Synthetic Amethyst are Desirable

Another reason the price of amethyst has gone down is that new techniques make it possible to turn clear quartz into amethyst by adding iron impurities to it and then irradiating it with gamma-rays, x-rays or electron beams. While it is called synthetic amethyst, it is chemically and physically nearly identical to natural amethyst.

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