Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Sets Under $1000

Beautiful gold and diamond wedding rings are available at affordable prices. SFPhotographer / Pixabay

Recently, while walking through a local mall, one of the jewelry stores was having a sale on wedding ring sets. Their sale prices started at $1,200 and the prices went up to $7,000.

While these were probably a discount off their original prices, they were certainly too expensive for many young couples.

That does not mean that a young bride must give up the idea of owning a beautiful genuine gold and diamond engagement and wedding ring set, however. It is possible to find beautiful diamond wedding ring sets under $1000.

Whether you prefer white gold or yellow gold, you will find two lovely collections below. The rings are available in nearly every size. You can click on the blue product name to see additional details about the rings, before you make a decision to purchase one of the sets.

If you don’t see a design you like, use the Amazon search box under one of the collections to search for other choices.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Below are several different choices of white gold and diamond ring sets. You can see that there are a variety of styles, including both traditional and contemporary designs. Not only are all the prices less than $1000, many are under $500 … beautiful, genuine gold and diamond rings that are within the price range of most couples.

Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Many women have strong feeling about whether they prefer white gold or yellow gold wedding bands. Both are beautiful and there are selections in a variety of designs and sizes. One of the wedding bands below even contains sapphires mixed with diamonds … a lovely combination.

The woman who prefers yellow gold will appreciate the choices in the collection below. Read the details and see more photos by clicking on the blue product name. You will be taken directly to its Amazon page.

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