Gift Baskets for Valentine’s Day – for Him!

I know that guys always say that women are hard to buy for but personally, I have the hardest time buying presents for my man! It is just so hard to know what will be right! Whether you’re buying Valentine’s Day presents for that special man in your life, your dad, your buddy, or your brother, it can be tough to find the right gift.

But there are some great gift baskets for him that will thrill him on Valentine’s Day. The Man Can is a perfect example. Even if a guy is tough, he still likes to smell nice for his lady or when he’s going out on the town. This gift basket set for men is made up of products that are all 100% natural. They are gentle and pure so they won’t be filled with over-powering scents or anything that will make his skin uncomfortable.

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for the Dog Lover

Man's Best Friend Dog Care PackageMan’s Best Friend Dog Care Package

Got a man that loves his dog – maybe more than you can understand? That’s ok. Be a supportive gift giver and get him a Valentine’s Day gift basket that is designed with the dog lover in mind!

Valetine’s Day Gift Basket for the Handyman

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets   Handyman's Toolbox of Treats Gift Bag ToteArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets Handyman’s Toolbox of Treats Gift Bag Tote

Got a handyman in your life? Well, what girls like us might not realize is that when you’re doing handyman stuff you absolutely need to have a selection of yummy treats to keep you working hard and to reward yourself during breaks. This gift basket for him is just over-flowing with treats that will keep him happy while he’s fixing and building things. And After they are gone the basket it comes in can be re-used for magazines and newspapers.

This gift basket might look like a tool box but inside he’ll find treats like:
– black peppercorn crackers
– tasty beef salami
– sonoma cheese straws
– butter toffee caramel corn
– …and more!

Tips for Making Your Own Gift Baskets for Him

Are you looking for something a little more personal? Something that you can modify and make it so that it is completely suitable for him? You can make your own gift basket. It will take more time but when you make your own Valentine’s Day gift baskets for him you can be assured that he will completely love his present!

  1. Find a really cool container to put your gift items in. It doesn’t have to be a basket. In fact it is likely better if it is not a gift basket. Does he love to watch television? Then maybe a tv caddy would be good to put your items in. Does he like to work with tools? Then consider putting your gift items in a new tool box or a tool belt. The key is to pick an activity that he loves and focus the whole gift basket theme on that.
  2. Pick one focus item that is going to be in the middle of his gift basket. It should be something that he loves and has always wanted and something that stands out a bit. This will likely be your highest priced item.
  3. Pick some medium priced items to surround it. There should be two or three of these items.
  4. Finally, fill up the rest of your gift basket with items that are low cost and that he might use all the time anyway like nails for a carpenter or golf tees for the golfer. They can also be frivolous items that are funny or silly.

A Gift Basket for the Hunter, Fisher, or Camper on Valentine’s Day

Gifts for Him, Gifts for Him, “Guy Stuff” Gift Basket, 17 Piece Gift Set – Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Perfect for Father’s Day!

If  you have a guy in your life that loves to go camping, hunting, or fishing they will put good use to this gift basket if they get it for Valentine’s Day. It’s crammed with awesome stuff like Coleman supplies, outdoor gadgets and a XXL Bubba Mug that will keep his coffee hot while he’s busy having fun in the outdoors. He’ll be so impressed that you found a gift for him that he loves!

Food Gift Baskets for Him

Let’s face it girls – there is one thing that most men have in common. Almost all of them love to eat don’t they? Why not spoil them with some tasty treats that guys love but they would never buy for themselves. This makes a great Valentine gift basket for him because he won’t be expecting it.


Sausage Cheese and Crackers Christmas Gift Set | for Men or WomenSausage Cheese and Crackers Christmas Gift Set | for Men or Women

Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Beef Jerky Black 6-Pack Gift Cooler (filled with 12 assorted jerky packs)Buffalo Bills 1.75oz Beef Jerky Black 6-Pack Gift Cooler (filled with 12 assorted jerky packs)


Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets   The Good Life Gourmet Food Chest with Smoked SalmonArt of Appreciation Gift Baskets The Good Life Gourmet Food Chest with Smoked Salmon

Gourmet Meat and Cheese Gift Basket | Great Fathers Day Meat and Cheese Gift IdeaGourmet Meat and Cheese Gift Basket | Great Fathers Day Meat and Cheese Gift Idea

Gift Basket for the Golfer

Sports Gift Basket Golfing Around Golf Sports BagSports Gift Basket Golfing Around Golf Sports Bag

How many of us don’t know a golfer that just wishes his lady would appreciate his love for the green? This is a fun gift basket for him that will make him happy on Valentine’s Day. The basket is actually an ice cooler so he can keep his drink cold. There’s a note pad for writing down things he wants to remember about his game plus loads of edible goodies like Tee-Zels snack mix, golf cookies, assorted cheeses, and honey peanuts. There’s even 12 practice golf balls included!

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