Genuine Gold Wedding Ring Sets for Under $500

It is possible to find beautiful diamond and gold wedding ring sets for under $500. See the collections below. Albatros67 / Pixabay

Are you planning to get married or ask someone to marry you, but the high cost of wedding rings is holding you back? You will be pleased to know that it is possible to find lovely, durable and affordable genuine gold wedding ring sets for under $500.

You will not be limited to just one or two styles, either. You will have the option of either choosing genuine white or yellow gold, enhanced by either real diamonds or Cubic Zirconia.

The wedding sets are not simple bands with a single, small stone, either. They are attractive, beautiful, ornate rings that you and your bride will be pleased to show off to friends. Below are two collections for you to consider. If you want even more options, use the Amazon search boxes below the collections to browse for more even options.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets with Diamonds or CZ

The first collection features rings made from either 10K or 14K white gold covered with between .33 to .50 carats of diamonds or an even larger Cubic Zirconia. All of these options are very attractive give you a variety of design choices.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets Adorned with Diamonds or CZ

For those who prefer yellow gold, there are also a number of attractive, affordable choices. The collection of rings below are available in both 10K and 14K yellow genuine gold decorated with diamonds or Cubic Zirconia. Several of the designs also have the matching wedding band for the husband, which makes these options even more appealing to a young couple who is just starting out.

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