Funky Reading Glasses and A Good Book For Gift Giving!

Funky glasses and a good read for Christmas


If you want to impress a few people on your list or give a gift that will bring an appreciative smile, here’s an idea that will do just that! Why not pair some funky reading glasses with a book for the over 45 year- olds on your list. There’s such an adorable array of funky glasses that you will certainly find a pair that will suit the person’s colour preference and lifestyle! But how can you buy glasses for someone if you don’t know the strength (diopters) they will need? It’s simple, the people you would buy reading glasses for, you probably already know pretty well anyway.And if the reading problem is just starting you would be safe with a 1.25 to 1.50 diopter strength. But, if they’ve had the reading difficulty for a while, you would be safe from 2.00 diopters to 3.00. You may have to do a little detective work the next time you see them. But the smile when they receive their funky reading glasses would be well worth it. Reading strength is measured in .25 increments so it’s not a huge jump to the next level. Most people begin to experience presbyopia (a decrease in the ability to focus on close range objects) when they are in their forties. There is such an assortment of funky reading glasses to choose from too! From hounds tooth design to bright red to plaid to leopard print! Funky reading glasses and a good book for gift giving is such a unique and fun idea! This is a combination gift that shows you put some real, calorie-burning thought into it. And they are affordable too.

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