Fun Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers love colors, blocks, sound and toys that are educational. Below are some things you can do to entertain your children. CreativeMagic / Pixabay

Two of the most important things parents can do with their toddlers are talk to them and play with them. Researchers have shown that children who have parents who talk to them will have a larger vocabulary and do better in school. Some of the talking can be conversational and some can happen when parents read short books to their children.

Play is also a very important “job” that benefits young children. When toddlers play, they are actually learning about shapes, colors, sounds, and how things work. Often, they enjoy toys that look like the “toys” that their parents use … toy vacuum cleaners, hammers, computers, phones, and more.

With these thoughts in mind, what are the best toys for toddlers?

Board Books You Can Read and They Can Handle

Toddlers love it when you read to them and show them the pictures in a book. However, they will also want to hold the book, hit it, pull on it and even try to eat it! As a result, it is important that you give them books that can stand up to all the handling. Look for toddler books that can, literally, take a licking!

Toys for Toddlers that Look Like the Things You Use

Toddlers also like to mimic their parents. Whatever they see you do, they want to do, too. That is how they learn. As a result, you will want to find toys that will keep them occupied and busy learning how to work keyboards and pretend to do the same things they see you doing.

Other Toys for Toddlers

There are many other educational and fun toys that will allow your child to experiment with color, sound, building and learning how things feel. These are all important skills for your child to have, too.

Parents are the most important teachers that a child will ever have. Talking to them, playing with them and giving them toys that will teach them important skills are a wonderful way to get them started on the road to doing well in school … and life!

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