Fun and Educational Toys for Boys 10 and Up

What are the boys in your family looking for? The toys in this article will keep them busy, interested and active. nightowl / Pixabay

Are you looking for a few fun and educational toys for boys 10 and up? By this age, most boys have outgrown wanting to play with stuffed animals or the toys they enjoyed when they were younger.

They are looking for toys that do one of two things … keep them active or keep them interested.

If the boy does not have a bicycle, scooter or skateboard, one or all of those items will probably be high on the list of things they will would like to own. Once those desires have been satisfied, the majority of curious, active boys will want other toys to keep them busy. Often, they would also like to work with their hands and build things for themselves. Below you will find two collections of toys that fill the needs of the boys in your family. If you don’t see what you want, use the Amazon search boxes below the toy collections to search for other choices.

Active Toys for Boys 10 and Older

What are some of the things that boys enjoy doing? They like almost anything that keeps them moving and that challenges them. Think about the sports they enjoy. That is always a good place to start when you pick out toys elementary school age boys. If they need equipment for a specific sport, you can use the Amazon search boxes below to look for them.

However, once they have the items they need for their sports, they will also want items that will keep them busy the rest of the time. Below are a few popular examples of toys that will be fun for them and keep them active.

Educational Toys that Hold the Interest of Boys age 10 or Older

In addition to keeping your boys active and, as often as possible, outdoors, you will also want to give them toys that are educational and interesting.

Whether they are putting something together from a kit, playing with a robot or handling a remote controlled helicopter, these toys will help your child learn about science, robotics, aviation and other topics of interest to them. Not only will they have fun, but they will get an education, too.

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