Festive Christmas Cookie Plates

Having festive Christmas plates is a wonderful way to show off your favorite holiday cookies. meineresterampe / Pixabay

There are several reasons why you may wish to own a few cheerful Christmas cookie plates.

* Your children may want to leave out a special plate of cookies for Santa Claus.

* You may wish to give an inexpensive plate of homemade cookies to a friend or neighbor as a gift.

* You might go to cookie exchanges and you want a charming, festive cookie plate to set your cookies on.

* If you entertain during the holidays, Christmas plates can be used for all types of food items, not just cookies.

In addition, many people collect colorful holiday plates and platters so they have plenty of choices when they give parties or just invite a few neighbors over.

Whatever reason you have for wanting a few holiday plates, you’ll love the choices in the collections below. If you don’t see what you want, just use the Amazon search boxes below the collections to look for even more choices.

Plates and Platters for Holiday Entertaining

In addition to the Cookies for Santa plates shown above, you will also want an assortment of festive holiday plates for entertaining or taking cookies to a cookie exchange. Below, you will find a beautiful collection of dishes you will love to show off.

Inexpensive Cookie Plates You Can Give the Neighbors as Gifts – Piled with Cookies, Of Course!

This final collection contains inexpensive platic holiday plates that are perfect to fill with cookies, cover with plastic wrap, and then give to the neighbors as a thoughtful gift.

You’ll love these choices so much more than a plain paper or plastic plate.

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