Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Allergy Formula

Feline Greenies pill pockets for cats help you with giving your pet their medication without a fuss. The pill pockets are designed for cats that do not like taking pills. While it is possible to try disguising pills in other ways, some of those other methods are time consuming.

Some of them, such as hot dogs and cheese, may also not be a healthy choice for your cat since they may have preservatives that irritate your cat’s stomach. Cheese is a dairy product and some cats are lactose intolerant.



This is why vets do not recommend giving milk to cats. Milk free foods are usually a better option for your cat if you are not sure whether they are able to have cheese, milk or other products which are not beneficial for sensitive stomachs.


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Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Allergy Formula


If your cat is the type  that is always suspicious of medication as well, it may be hard to sneak anything pass them using some of the methods that work in some cases. If your cat is highly allergic, the Feline Greenies pill pockets allergy formula would have been the best choice for them. The salmon and chicken are good alternatives, since they still have protein with less fat and sodium.

Feline Greenies pill pockets for cats are free of grains so they won’t cause any allergic reactions in that way. Each allergy formula pocket is small enough to be easily swallowed but big enough to hide the pill properly.

They come in different flavors. This helps if you want to get your cat used to having them as a treat. You can give them to your cat without a pill sometimes so they think of it as just a regular snack.

With the different flavors available, you can match the allergy formula pill pocket to the flavor of the feline nutrition  that you regularly give them. While several people use Greenies pill pockets for cats to give pills, they also work well for liquids like Spectrin cat vitamins or liquid glucosamine for joint pain.

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