ESPE Messenger Bag

The ESPE Journal Messenger Bag

I have a purse obsession. I’ll be the first to admit that. ūüôā ¬†And you’ll likely see more purse and bags kudos from me in the near future. ¬†There’s very little in life where brands matter to me but when it comes to handbags and purses I have a love for certain brands. ¬†One of them is ESPE handbags, but they are something you save for and treasure so it has taken awhile for me to get one. ¬†And I finally did!

I saw this bag and fell in love with. ¬†One of the reasons is that it comes in red – my favorite color. ¬†The other reason was the Parisian newspaper design. ¬†And the butterfly just added an interesting element. It’s not very often that I can afford a quality bag like this but it just so happened that when I saw this bag, I could. ¬†So, I bought it!

This is a vertical messenger bag that is perfect for shopping or daily use. ¬†It doesn’t have a lot of room so it can’t get too heavy (a big bag has its uses but I prefer something smaller for day to day use). ¬†It is an over the shoulder style, which I prefer. ¬†There is a pocket on the back for your cell phone and a larger pocket on the front for easy access. Inside there are three open pockets and a zippered pocket. ¬†And I have to admit that I love the pretty flowered pattern on the inside material.



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As if this wasn’t enough of a treasure, my husband surprised me by ordering the matching wallet. ¬†It’s the size I prefer and it zips around and has lots of little slots for cards and stuff inside. ¬†There’s also a zippered pouch for your change. ¬†I was a bit disappointed that the zippered pouch had a little bit of an opening at the bottom but it’s not big enough that change is falling out.

Unfortunately, the wallet is not available on Amazon right now. But there are some great choices for other wallets available from ESPE.

One of the reasons that I love ESPE¬†bags and other accessories is because the line was created by a couple of Canadian women in Toronto. In 2005 they wanted a line of fun purses that were great to look and and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy one. They wanted to create products that were animal free, so all of their purses, backpacks, wallets, and other gear are made with synthetic leather but it is so soft you would never know the difference.

Since 2005, they have created a line of messenger bags, backpack bags, wallets, lunch bags and other cool accessories that are simply irresistible for the woman who loves style and fashion.

The espe Thrill Backpack  is one of my favorites. It has several handy pockets and beautiful silver hardware. You can carry it by the handle, wear it like a backpack, or zip the straps together so that you can wear it over the should. It is perfect for the mom on the go or a student that wants a fashionable book bag.


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