Emergency Locator Transmitters for Adventurers

Hikers in the wilderness need emergency locator transmitters

If you enjoy getting off the beaten path in the wilderness, be sure to bring an emergency locator transmitter with you. (Photo of Laguna Wilderness Area taken by author)

As a resident of Southern California, it seems as though once every couple of months someone gets lost in one of our mountain or wilderness areas. When I watch the national news, I realize that California is not the only location where this happens.

People who are adventurous, like to hike or bike in the wilderness, go cross-country skiing, or engage in other sports in remote areas are occasionally going to get lost.

When this happens, state and county agencies often spend tens of thousands of dollars to find the people who are missing. If the adventurers had just brought along a little device, they could have been found more quickly and, in come cases, their lives might have been saved.

Above you will see a variety of types of emergency locators. There are styles for people who enjoy boating or other water sports, activities on dry ground, locators to help find children, and even one for private airplanes that might be forced down in remote areas.

If you purchase one of these locators for yourself, it could save your life, make it easier for search and rescue crews to find you, and keep you from endangering the lives of your rescuers.

For the same reasons, the locators are a wonderful gift for other adventurers in your family. If someone you love likes to venture away from civilization, imagine how worried you would be if they got lost. What if they wandered off a path in the woods or fell off a cliff? Wouldn’t you like to be able to tell searchers exactly where to look?

Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind without restricting their adventures. Purchase emergency locator transmitters for yourself and other members of your family.

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