Electric Blankets and Electric Throws: All of the Heat, None of the Cost

electric throw

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Cold weather has finally started moving in, and everybody has been complaining about high heating bills over the last couple of years. A great way for you to keep you and your family warm during the colder months without running up an astronomical heating bill is to keep the thermostat low and use electric blankets at night and electric throws during the day.

Year before last I got tired of racking up $200-$400 a month heating bills, so I decided to try something different last year. I did just what I described above. I started using an electric blanket at night, and during the day when I was just sitting around I would pull an electric throw around me. I kept my thermostat at around 68 degrees and was able to cut my heating bill each month by about 50%. You’ll never hear me complaining about saving money.

Here are a few models of blankets and throws that you might enjoy. Hopefully you’ll be able to save a few $$$ too!

Electric blankets

Electric blankets are better choices for nights as they are more heavy duty and output greater warmth. They’re durable and can last you many years to come if you take care of them.

Electric throws

Electric throws are more lightweight and are more suitable for day use when you’re sitting in your favorite chair, on the sofa, or lounging around. Just wrap it around you and feel the chill fade away.

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