Edge Analytics Architecture To Reduce Cyber Crime

Edge Analytics and Security helps all businesses reduce threats associated with operating online. Enterprises that block issues or shut them down fast thrive. Current information must be available to help tackle each security problem in a timely manner.

Large data streams are available but these must be analysed quickly and accurately. When each second counts, monitoring network devices like controllers which are on the front line helps teams make faster decisions.


Edge Analytics and Security Case


Watching The Edge
Building on the foundation laid with edge computing, security experts are analysing data collected at entry points to their system instead of waiting until it reaches a central computing area. That lets them gauge threats earlier in the game.


Edge Analytics Architecture To Reduce Cyber Crime

Edge Analytics Architecture To Reduce Cyber Crime


The Internet of Things and Big Data permit analytics algorithms to be designed for the edge, reducing the time taken to fix breaches. Data can be stored and processed immediately. Analysing data and acting on it where it is created improves results. It instantly cuts the cost of transmission.

Streamlining Analytics Systems
Edge analytics helps to streamline and reduce pressure on data management systems. A lot of industrial internet of things data collected is not analysed. This means it does not help with security in any way.

Performing analysis at the exact point where data is generated helps companies avoid common problems like limited network availability. While only a data subset is processed that prevents the overload of central systems.



Edge computing applications

Edge analytics use cases

Easy life solutions


Edge analytics does not drain resources as much and it speeds up data analysis. No time is wasted and this is especially important for companies that are responsible for public safety.

Selecting the data that matters most improves performance and helps companies avoid failures that may lead to lost business or physical harm. Edge analytics is a powerful tool or any company to position against threats in the upcoming years.

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