Easy Ways to Feed Birds When Living in an Apartment

Do you want easy ways to feed birds when living in an apartment? You can attract cardinals, finches, or other beautiful varieties that are found in your area. You don’t need a big yard with lots of bushes and trees. Even if your home is many stories high, you can still draw wildlife. With just a balcony or small outdoor space, you can attract many different species.

Ways to Draw Birds to an Apartment Balcony

An apartment balcony can be transformed into a haven for wild birds. Start by adding a few miniature potted trees or large leafy plants. Potted vines are phenomenal attractants, especially those with flowers. They will draw beautiful little hummingbirds and butterflies. Birds of all kinds are attracted to areas with shelter. They look for places to hide when they aren’t eating, drinking, and bathing. They also want shelter from the elements.

These Will Scare Away Wild Birds!

Don’t add chimes or other whirly gigs that move in the wind and/or make noise. They might be appealing to humans, but they scare away wild birds. When seeking ways to attract wild birds to an apartment balcony, remember to keep it natural and simple. Gain their trust and you will be able to sit near the feeders instead of watching from indoors.

Super Easy Ways to Feed Birds When Living in an Apartment

Take a look at the following balcony bird feeders and bird baths. Don’t bother with cheap wild bird seed mixtures that include millet. It’s nothing more than filler. Opt for gourmet seeds, nuts, and fruit to attract a wide variety of birds.

Seeds and Mixtures That Attract the Most Elusive Wild Birds

Place a Variety of Feeders around Your Patio

Do you have a patio? It’s a great place to make a wild bird sanctuary, even in a city. It doesn’t have to be huge to attract feathered visitors. You’ll find hanging feeders in various sizes and styles. Opt for practical rather than decorative. You can find hanging bird baths too. Place at least two different kinds in your private outdoor area in addition to suet feeders. They offer easy ways to feed birds when living in an apartment. Just be sure to keep them clean and filled to draw regular visitors.

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