Dramatic Bloodstone Jewelry for Women

Bloodstones can range in color from medium green to nearly black. Bloodstone jewelry can also vary in the number of red inclusions the stones have. Although the one above is not for sale, you’ll love the collection of available pieces at the end of this article. starbright / Pixabay

One of the more striking and unusual stones to be used in jewelry is bloodstone. This fascinating semi-precious stone comes from a mineral called heliotrope, a type of chalcedony. The traditional bloodstone is actually deep green with red spots or inclusions that are caused by either red jasper or iron oxide.

The red spots look almost like tiny drops of blood, which is the origin of the name. Bloodstones have been used in jewelry and for decorative purposes going back to at least the early Greeks and Romans.

Natural Bloodstones are Each Unique

Natural bloodstones can be found in India, Brazil, Australia, Scotland and the United States. One of the appealing features of natural bloodstone is that no two pieces are exactly the same. When you order an item of jewelry, it will not look exactly like what you see in the photo. It will also not look exactly like another piece of jewelry. In particular, the number, size and arrangement of the red inclusions will vary greatly.

In addition, the background heliotrope can range in color from a medium green to such a dark color that it can almost look black.

Although natural bloodstones are not expensive, you can sometimes find jewelry that is made with synthetic stones, instead.

Bloodstones Are a Lovely Addition to Your Jewelry

In the past, some people believed that this beautiful stone had healing properties. However, there is no scientific evidence of that. The real reason to wear these stones is because of their calm, soothing and dramatic beauty.

Whether used alone as a simple pendant or combined with silver, gold, jade, or other materials, owning an item of bloodstone jewelry will be an interesting addition to your jewelry collection.

Below are my favorite choices of bloodstone jewelry. If you do not see an item you like, you can use the Amazon search box below the collection to search for other choices.

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