Dogeared Jewelry Has A Story To Tell


Dogeared Jewelry has a story to tell

A Personal Gift for Her

Dogeared jewelry has a story to tell. It all began in 1991 in California where Marcia Maizel-Clarke founded her jewelry concept of jewelry-with-a-message. She has created delicate necklaces, bracelets, rings. etc. all incorporating her mission to allow jewelry to speak with meaning in our lives. They speak of special moments, milestones, dreams and journeys. Her website states that all the pieces are “subtle classics, eclectic statements and true originals”. And each piece is handcrafted in the USA.

Looking at these gorgeous pieces you immediately know that they will be a superb, anytime gift for the women in your life. But how wonderful to give them this Christmas! Personal, and unique, she will be ecstatic when she opens the little Christmas box that holds this treasure!

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Just click on the images below to learn more about purchasing these unique and attractive pieces!


      Surprise her with a gift that is close to her heart




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