Dog Car Door Protector Cover Prevent Claw Scratches

People who travel regularly with their dog or cat will find that a dog car door protector cover prevents claw scratches on the interior of their vehicle. Going camping with your dogs is great but if you have to worry about damaging the finish on your paint, it can add unnecessary anxiety to what would be a good experience.


Dog Car Door Protector Cover Prevent Claw Scratches

Dog Car Door Protector Cover Prevent Claw Scratches


You can protect your car door from an accidental dog scratch by using a dog car door protector made of a thick, durable material. Those that can be easily washed are better since, let’s face it, you also want to protect your doors from dog drool. Dogs tend to be happy about going for drives. Happy dogs tend to like staring at all the scenery they pass and they will get drool on the doors.

A pet car door protector is designed to handle both of these issues. It keeps you from having to look at or fix scratches in your door and it keeps the drool off the material. If you already have scratches on your car from when your dog or cat jumped on it, you can fix those by using a glazing compound (satin gloss) or rubbing compound sometimes. This works if the scratches are not deep and are only in the clear coat.

A car door protector for dog scratching should have a good fit on your door. Polyester is waterproof and durable. That also helps if your dog is not a good traveler and tends to experience car sickness unless they take medication like Dramamine before the trip. It will keep some of the pet hair and dirt from your trip off the doors. You can use Velcro to secure them further as well.



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