Desk Accessories for Women


So Many Cool Desk Accessories for Women to Choose From!

I love anything office related – pens, notepads, sticky note and I especially love desk accessories for women that come in fun designs. Do you? What would you rather have? A boring office that looks like everyone else’s or a fun office filled with cool desk accessories. I know a lot of offices won’t let you bring anything that is personalized to work. That really sucks. But anyone that works from home can enjoy fun desk accessories that can make their space more personal.

If you’re going to invest in desk accessories, they might as well be stuff that helps you be more productive like this Personalized Womens Desk Pad Calendar. You can keep track of all the things that you need to get done in the week – in style and with your name on it!

Pen Holders for Women

Ya gotta have somewhere to keep your pens, don’t you? I hate it when mine are floating around loose! And I have to confess that I have a LOT of pens! I buy a new package of pens at least once a week because I like to have different types. I am particularly fond of gel pens but I like the uniball roller pens, too. And I have to have pens in all different colors so…that adds up to a LOT of pens!


Pink Cheetah Print Wild Woman Stiletto Pump and Bling-Tile Pen Holder

Ok – I love the high heel cheetah print on this. It’s girly and sexy at the same time!

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Side Kickers Women’s Soccer Pencil Holder

For the sporty chick! Got show off what you love and this is a great way to do it!  It will certainly show off your flair!

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Mousepads for Women

A mouse pad is one of the essentials that you need for your office so why not have something that will show a little bit of personality and style? You don’t have to settle for the boring old blue mouse pad that comes with every office. I love the fact that you can find mouse pads with almost anything on them. You can really get creative. And they aren’t expensive so if you want to really have some fun get a few different ones so that you can always have something that suits your mood.



DC Comics Wonder Woman Mouse Pad-Pink

Feel like you can do it all and get it done in style? Then this mouse pad is for you. It is for the modern day woman that works, raises children, volunteers, and kicks butt in the board room.

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Sanrio Argyle Hello Kitty Optical Mouse And Mouse Pad

This is a fun and girly mouse pad for the office girl that wants to keep things youthful. Hello Kitty isn’t just for kids anymore. Lots of women love this tribute to their youth!

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Understand the Concept of Cooking and Cleaning Just not How it Applies to ME! Mouse Pad. Retro Design MousePad

The work at home woman will love this mouse pad and it’s a great reminder to spouses and children that think mom is around for their convenience.

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Just For Fun Desk Accessories

There are so many other kinds of desk accessories that you can have fun with. Tape dispensers, post it note holders, staplers, and more. Take a browse through different desk accessories and you’re sure to find some cool stuff that suits your personality and will give your office desk a boost.



Red Shoe Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser

I love this red shoe tape dispenser. It’s colorful and well suited to the woman that loves shoes! I just love anything fun and flirty for dressing up a desk.

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Black Purse Post-It Dispenser

I hate having to search through a desk drawer for my sticky note and this cute purse dispenser is a perfect solution. Easily grab a post it note when you need it and add some flair to your desk.

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Pretty Tools Stapler-Safari Design

Typical office staplers are bulking, ugly, and boring but not these ones! You can dress up your desk with functional style with these patterned staplers.

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More to Choose From…

6 Set: Cheetah Animal Safari Print Office Kit Stapler Staple Remover Scissors Tape Dispenser Calculator & Pen6 Set: Cheetah Animal Safari Print Office Kit Stapler Staple Remover Scissors Tape Dispenser Calculator & Pen$47.99

Orange Circle Studio 2015 Weekly Desk Pad Calendar, Bold Blossoms (13014)Orange Circle Studio 2015 Weekly Desk Pad Calendar, Bold Blossoms (13014)$7.40

Shannon Martin Memo Mouse Pad - Pretend to WorkShannon Martin Memo Mouse Pad – Pretend to Work$12.95

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