Deluxe Easter Baskets for Kids

Deluxe Easter Baskets Make Easter Morning A Joy.

Give Your Child or Grandchild a Deluxe Easter Basket

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Is your child looking forward to their Easter basket?

Easter is beginning to rival Christmas when it comes to all the shopping and preparation you have to do to get ready for the holiday. The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are running neck and neck in the ‘Wish List’ Department.

Making Your Own Easter Basket Takes Time and Expense

If you buy a bag of Jelly Beans and a Chocolate Bunny and some Marshmallow Peeps, and then toss in all the Mellow Cremes and Gummi Bunnies, you’re looking at $30 or $40 worth of candy you have to shop for to put together an Easter Basket. You aren’t finished yet.

You have to leave room in the basket for toys – a big, fuzzy stuffed bunny, some lip gloss or a Barbie doll for your daughter and some puzzles and Matchbox cars for your son.

Add it all up and you’ve spent a ton of money and you’re not done yet. Now you need to buy a basket, some bows, a bunch of sparkly grass and a wrapper. And then you’re going to make a huge mess trying to put everything together!

Find the Perfect Easter Basket for a Child Here

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy an Easter Basket that was ready-made, filled with all the candy and toys your kids really like? Something nicer than those clunky pre-made baskets you see at the discount store?

Here they are! Quality Easter baskets that kids will love. No fuss, no muss, it’s all ready for you to surprise your child with on Easter.

You need an Egg-Streme Easter Basket!

Gift Basket Village Deluxe Easter Activity Basket for KidsGift Basket Village Deluxe Easter Activity Basket for KidsView DetailsSome Bunny Loves You, Deluxe Easter Basket For KidsSome Bunny Loves You, Deluxe Easter Basket For KidsView DetailsGift Basket Village Ballerina Bunny Deluxe Easter Basket for GirlsGift Basket Village Ballerina Bunny Deluxe Easter Basket for GirlsView DetailsEaster Bunny Deluxe Children's Easter BasketEaster Bunny Deluxe Children’s Easter BasketView Details

The Story Behind Easter Baskets And The Easter Bunny

Long ago it was traditional to bring baskets filled with early plant seedlings to the fertility goddess Eostre. Keeping Eostre happy in the early Spring meant you’d have a good harvest in the Fall.

Legend has it that Eostre carried a basket of eggs, so through the years, eggs have come to symbolize new life and renewal.

Easter baskets became even more popular due to an old German legend that talked about a white hare who left baskets filled with candy, brightly colored eggs, and pretty little trinkets for children on Easter morning.

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