Decorate Your Porch for Fall

Fall Porch Decor

Time for Fall Decorating on Your Porch!

I have always loved the fall. The air gets crisp, and the leaves turn colors. Time to bring out your snuggy sweaters and leggings. Autumn is a season full of promise. The promise of the fun of the coming holidays, the gatherings, the shopping, the excitement in the air. Turkey time is coming, and dressing and pumpkin pie. It’s such a fun time of year!

This is why I like to decorate. The flowers have left the yard, and the grass is covered by leaves, I really think that autumn decorating on the front porch really perks up the front of your house and your yard. It adds a certain whimsy and fun back into a yard that has lost its lush summer look. Try it and see for yourself!

Adorable Scarecrow for Your Porch or Yard – An Awesome Fall Decoration

This cutie will need you to stuff him before placing him on your porch or yard. We suggest plastic grocery bags if you don’t have a bale of straw handy! Easy Velcro closure in the back. Approximately 30 inches long.

Autumn Greetings Gardener Stuffable Porch Sitter

Scarecrow and Decorations Seating – Really Cute!

A bench is always a welcome addition to any front porch, and give you the perfect centerpiece from which to decorate. If you don’t have room for a bench, try one or two wooden crates, stacked on and around a hay bale. It makes for great varied levels to side scarecrows, pumpkins, gourds or whatever else you want to display.


Amazonia Milano 4-Feet Eucalyptus BenchLifetime 60055 Glider Bench, 4 Feet, Faux WoodAmazonia Porto Real 3.5 -Feet Eucalyptus Bench3 Piece wooden nesting crate set187 Gypsies Vintage Photo Crate, 4 by-6-Inch, Stained WoodWald Imports FL5004 White-Washed Distressed Storage Crates, Set of 3

Pumpkins to Scatter – Reuse Year After Year

These pumpkins and gourds are great for setting around your scarecrows and hay bales. They will never rot, so you can use them every year and save yourself some money!  You can also carve the large ones in a jack o’ lantern and use them for Halloween, which will save you time!


Mr. Light Seneca Funkin 9Mr. Light Classic #8 White Funkin, 12.56.5Two-Toned Artificial PumpkinRealistic Fall Mini Artificial Pumpkins – Package of 16 PumpkinsBurgundy Mini Artificial Pumpkin

Interesting Facts About Fall – or should we call it Autumn?

  • The first day of fall is the autumnal equinox, which is the date when the day and night are equal in length. Equinox means literally “equal night.”
  • The equinox occurs when the Earth’s spinning motion intersects with its orbital movement around the sun. After the fall equinox the sun moves toward the south for about three months, reaching as far south as it goes on December 21st, then the days we begin to get shorter and the nights longer because the sun is shining more on the southern half of the earth, and less on the northern part. The summer season will end in the Northern Hemisphere, and autumn will begin. In the southern half of the world, the opposite occurs; Winter will be over and it will be time for spring.
  • The first day of fall is different every year because the earths yearly rotation around the sun takes 365.25 days, an amount that is not even, so it causes the equinox to arrive on a different day, every year. It is usually around September 21st.
  • Autumn is considered a British term, while in the Americas, we call it fall
  • Almost all cultures have celebrations at this time of year to show thanks for the harvest.


Florals to Decorate Your Door and Porch – Wreaths and More!

There is nothing more welcoming than a pretty wreath on your front door. It brightens your porch and gives your house a homey look that everyone will envy.


Oak Leaves Poppies And Lanterns Oh My Fall wreathAutumn Leaves Barn Star Harvest Seasonal Thanksgiving & Fall DecorAutumn Festival Fall Front Door Wreath With Faux Pumpkins Gourds Sunflowers Bittersweet Autumn WreathAutumn Symphony Wreath Fall WreathScarecrow Head Wall Hanging or Door Wreath for Autumn and Thanksgiving Decor36

Exploring and Collecting


We Do It Every Fall

Every fall, my husband and I explore the neighborhood park for pretty fall items. I bring a shoe box and collect pretty objects that I find. Many times I use the items in decorating a wreath, flower arrangement or decorating my porch. I have found all kinds of things in my travels like:

  • Cattails
  • Pine cones
  • Leaves
  • Bunches of beautiful wild grass
  • Flowers
  • Pretty stones
  • Acorns
  • Small branches for flower arrangements
  • Pods
  • Weeds with heads like wheat
  • Branches with pretty berries
  • Moss

We find these nature treks to be a fun way to enjoy the season and to get to know our surroundings better. It also cuts down on what I have to spend to decorate for autumn!  However, if you don’t have these items in your neighborhood, you can pick them up for a great price here.

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Lotus Pod on stemDried Stacked Grass, Foliage, Hydrangeas and Pods in Etruscan Wall SconceGreen Floral Crafts Natural Birch Branches, Green Yarrow, & Lotus Pods Combo Pack (Vase Not Included)Green Floral Crafts Okra Pod 19Ponderosa Pine Cones 8/Pkg-NaturalPackage of Approximately 140 Assorted Rich Fall Colored Silk Maple Leaves for Weddings, Events and Decorating


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